Tempting the Maiden

Author: Anna Lowe
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 95

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Tempting the Maiden

He was born to be a knight. I'm a noble lady. We're a perfect match — but destiny has other ideas…

Fairest maiden in the land? I’d rather be known as best swordswoman or best rider. Still, there are advantages to keeping my skills secret — along with my rare heritage. Like now, when I must outwit Prince John, the cruelest, most ruthless man alive. To do so, I head to a lawless corner of the country, hoping to find Robin Hood. But when the safe haven I was counting on turns out to be a double cross, I find an unlikely ally in a sinfully handsome friar.

As the third son of a country lord, I had no choice but to join a monastery rather than head to the crusades as a knight, like I’d always dreamed of. Eat, pray, repeat was my future, and damn, was that future bleak. In a few short days, I’ll have to take my vows and make it official. Me, a lion shifter, living a life of poverty, obedience, and chastity?

Life gets a little more interesting when I start helping Robynne Hood… and a LOT more interesting when a mysterious woman appears, seeking refuge in the monastery. I’m her only hope, but it would take a miracle to earn a happily-ever-after. I’ll have to settle for saving her from greedy, ruthless shifters plotting to overthrow the monarchy — if she’ll let me. Still, I’ve always been a dreamer, and I’m not ready to give up hope, love, or the chance to fulfill my true destiny.