The Summons

Author: Aquila Thorne
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 54

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The Summons

Cassidy Blake, a recent divorcee, has been living her life in her sister’s spare bedroom for the past few months. Her only prospect in life is looking toward the future. One where she sees herself living in a one-bedroom apartment over a meat market with a bunch of stray cats she no doubt will have collected as companions.

But that all changed the day a black envelope, sealed with wax, arrives with her name written on it. The letter within summons her to England. Not knowing if it's an invite to a kinky sex club or if she’s won a cottage in the country, she calls the phone number and is immediately transfixed by the man’s voice. American, with a lilt of Irish to it, has her creaming on the spot.

When the man isn’t forthcoming with any information, Cassidy has a choice she must make. Either pack up the bedroom she’s been staying in to make way for her sister’s new baby and move to the meat market or pack a duffel bag to England...

She chooses the duffle bag….