No More Secrets

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Romance
Total pages: 27

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No More Secrets

When I was 17, I was in love with a gorgeous girl named Fischl. I was going to marry her, start a family. It was my one and only dream. Only dreams are just that. Dreams. Reality was my sister dying, me suddenly being the father of a baby boy, and Fischl disappearing. I tracked her down years later, but when I found her, my dream was destroyed.

I raised my sister’s son as my own and did my best to forget about the woman who stole my heart. It almost worked. My kid is great, my construction business grew into an empire, but my bed’s been cold for almost two decades. When Fischl re-appears, I decide that I’ve waited long enough. To hell with keeping secrets or doing the right thing, I’m going to have her.


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