Brute's Revenge (Evil Fallen Bratva MC)

Author: Sam Crescent
Category: Erotic | Crime | Romance | Adult | MC | Dark
Total pages: 47

**This book is available for download only.
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Brute's Revenge (Evil Fallen Bratva MC)

When Faith Dawson goes on a date from hell for her mother, she had no idea it was going to end up getting her kidnapped. She tried to hide the fact her grandfather is Sergey Golubev, but there is no hiding anything.

The man who has taken her knows who she is. In this war, there is never any chance for survivors. It is well known that Sergey adores his granddaughter, and Brute wants to see how far he’s willing to go to protect her.

When Sergey offers a trade, Faith for one of his men, he has no choice but to take it. He has no interest in Faith—she was a means to an end, and so, he sends her off.

Brute may have released her, but when he learns of her upcoming marriage to a trafficker, he cannot just let it happen. He takes her. Faith will belong to him. But Brute knows it is only a matter of time until Sergey retaliates. He will be ready. Until then, he was going to have his fun with Faith. She has gotten under his skin and seeped into his heart. There is no turning back.

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