Heat of the Moment

Author: Georgia Le Carre
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Adult
Total pages: 74

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Heat of the Moment


Uh… yuck… so cliché and trite, but my evil step sister is marrying my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend. And looks like the whole family has rallied around her. Somehow, she's managed to convince everyone that she is the one deserving of sympathy. Awww... poor little Tiff.

So blonde and so pregnant!

She’s welcome to that cheating, lying, sorry ass of a man but to be honest I’d really, really like to be able to keep my pride. Especially now that I’ve unthinkingly and stupidly told my other step sister that not only is everything just fine with me but I’ve also already found myself a real man!

What does she do?
Yikes! She insists I bring him as my plus one to the wedding.

What do I do?
I get pretty drunk at the office party and, in the spur of the moment, ask an enigmatic and devilishly handsome stranger if he would agree to accompany me as my plus one to my hometown for the wedding. The weekend trip, I tell him will be, all expenses paid, a thousand dollars tax free for him, and a very nice bonus if he manages to convince my family that he’s quite smitten with me.

Just when I think the hunk will refuse, he throws a great, big curveball, and actually agrees to my offer.

I feel like the cat that got the biggest, creamiest bowl of cream when I meet him the next day and hand him his check.

But then strange and mysterious things start to happen…which makes me start to wonder who the hell my pretend boyfriend really is.

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