Little Girl

Author: K.L. Donn
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 43

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Little Girl

Hired to protect the golden girl of the swimming world, we weren’t supposed to fall for her.

Sol Titan is everything perfect in this world.
She’s sunlight and happiness.
Innocence and freedom.

Everything we are not.
Everything we shouldn’t take.

But we do.
We bask in her light.
We claim her innocence.

The world doesn’t deserve her.
Hell, neither do we.
But at least we’ll spend our lives proving our love and taking care of her.

Our Little Girl isn’t ready for three Daddies, but she has no problem declaring us as her own from the minute we meet.

And when push comes to shove, we’ll protect her from everyone conspiring to steal her happiness and freedom by putting a baby in her belly and a ring on her finger.

Little Girl is an age gap, protectors-to-lovers, Little Mermaid modern-day retelling with some themes that may make you squirm. You can expect coarse language, explicit bedroom shenanigans, a hero who likes to bite, one who is more than obsessed with anal, and another who is a somnophiliac. Proceed with caution in this dark contemporary fairytale where love conquers all.

Once upon a time…
When you’re tucked into bed and looking for a fairy tale, not all of them can be glitter and gold. Sometimes you want them gritty and twisted to fulfill your deep, dark desires. This October, fifteen of your favorite authors are bringing you the Dark and Twisted Tales Series. These stories will follow you into your dreams and show you that the tales you grew up with might have had moments in the sunshine, but were borne from the darkest corners of your mind.
…they lived happily ever after.

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