Room Twenty-Eight: Her Beautiful Surrender

Author: K.L. Donn
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 29

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Room Twenty-Eight: Her Beautiful Surrender

The Louisiana Black Bears has been our life our entire NHL career. We play hard, we hit hard, and we fuck harder.
So when we’re introduced to Club Sin NOLA, we immediately sign up to play in the darkest room the club offers…
Room Twenty-Eight.
With one intention: sharing a woman who has no idea she’ll be getting all three of us.
What we don’t expect is the obsession that overtakes us from the very first touch.

I’ve been dying to lose my virginity in the most scandalous way for over a year now. I never told anyone because it’s my darkest secret.
Surely, I’d be shunned for even mentioning it to a single soul.
So I’ve kept it locked up tight until I accidentally came across an ad for Club Sin in New Orleans.
Before I can chicken out, I’m on my way to Room Twenty-Eight and the most exhilarating night of my life.

I give them my heart…

Diesel Liberty: The burly defenseman with a passion for making me scream.
Colton Hall: The sweet center who holds his heart on his sleeve.
Major Reeves: The stern goalie who can make me squirm like nobody’s business.

…they give me theirs.

What could possibly go wrong?

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