Room Thirty: Perfect Little Doll

Author: Mayra Statham
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 60

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Room Thirty: Perfect Little Doll

Sports agents Carey, Fox, and Ronan are as powerful as they are handsome.

They have me fantasizing about things I shouldn’t want. Especially since I work for them. In this economy, I can’t put my job in jeopardy to scratch an itch. Yet my three bosses make me ache for the forbidden.
I don’t want one of them—I want them all. It’s wrong. Three men and me?

The more I think about it, the more I find myself longing for just that. They bring out a side of me that yearns to belong. I want to be theirs. Their perfect little doll for my daddies to play with.

It’s a dark fantasy and nothing more. Or is it?

One by one, they make a move. Lingering looks, soft touches, even longing kisses have me thinking they might want the same. But are they after a fling or a forever? Either way, I’m risking my heart to find out.

Life will never be the same after stepping into Room Thirty.

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