Room Six

Author: Penelope Wylde
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 59

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Room Six

Forbidden love mixed with a hot second chance between a woman on the run and men who always catch their prey.

One stolen kiss and a single night of forbidden lust at Club Sin.

Three older mafia men gave me a key to Room Six and promised all my dark fantasies would come true under their gentle touches.

How could I say no? They demanded I give them everything–my body, my passion and my trust.

So, I broke the club rules and set aside my fears. Though I knew better, I surrendered to their dark caresses, whispered desires and criminal passions.

The problem is, my three men wanted more than a one-night stand.

And that can never happen. I can’t open my heart and love freely. Not when the cold grip of death already chases me.

So I ran.

But before I went, I left a note…

Come and catch me…if you can.

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