The Surrogate Nanny

Author: A.N. Boyden
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 85

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The Surrogate Nanny

Simone Livingston agrees to be a surrogate for widower Anthony Powell after the tragic death of his wife. Everything goes well until Anthony is AWOL for his child's birth, and Simone is suddenly abandoned at the hospital with a newborn. Forty-eight hours pass, and Simone faces a difficult decision: allow the child to go into foster care or take her and raise her as her own. She decides the latter and leaves with her unexpected bundle of joy.

A year later, Baby Nori's father arrives on her doorstep, soaked to the bone, and explains he was a victim of a vehicle accident that left him in a coma. Simone's world shatters when he demands custody of Nori. She refuses, prompting a custody hearing that leaves her childless. Unable to live with the loss of her child, she considers the unthinkable but is interrupted by Anthony's lawyer, who extends her an offer that is too good to be true...become Nori's live-in nanny.

Simone accepts the offer with the stipulation that she'll gain legal joint custody rights to Nori if their arrangement goes south. Anthony eagerly agrees to Simone's proposition, wanting nothing more than to make amends for the pain he caused Simone and their daughter after he cruelly separated them.

As time passes, Simone gets a glimpse of the sweet and selfless Anthony she remembered before Nori was born. The close proximity becomes too much to handle as they successfully co-parent and grow closer to one another. A night of passion puts things in perspective for Anthony. He's in love with Simone, envisions them as a family, and will do anything to keep her, but will Simone forgive him for his past transgressions?

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