Ice: A Bones MC Romance

Author: Marteeka Karland
Category: Romance | Biker | MC
Total pages: 44

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Ice: A Bones MC Romance

Ice -- The second to last thing I expected when Cain called Church was for him to resign as president of Bones. The last thing I expected was to be voted in as president myself. So when I found myself on a rescue mission for the daughter of the Devil himself? Well. I wasn’t surprised at all. What did surprise me was the woman herself. Sure, I’d met her on more than one occasion, but the teenage girl I’d seen a couple of years before is definitely not the woman I pull out of the rushing water when she gets stranded in the middle of a hurricane.

Dawn -- Coming home during a hurricane isn’t one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Neither is getting mixed up with the man who was the reason for me taking such a risk. So when I’m stranded with water overtaking my car, I thought I’d finally tempted fate for the last time. Until my guardian angel plucks me from the water and saves me. In more ways than one. He’s the new president of Bones MC and a man I can’t deny I want with every fiber of my being.

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