Her Shameful Wedding Night (Corporate Correction)

Author: Emily Tilton
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 36

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Her Shameful Wedding Night (Corporate Correction)

When she is sent to a Selecta-affiliated clinic for a pre-marital examination, eighteen-year-old Zoe Ralston has no idea how humiliating the visit will be. Her embarrassment is only heightened by her inability to hide her helpless arousal--or the accompanying wet spot on her panties--as she is stripped and inspected, and to make matters worse, Zoe's failure to cooperate fully with the nurse earns her the first spanking of her life over her firm-handed future husband's knee.

Having her bottom bared and punished leaves Zoe quivering with need and ready to be claimed hard and thoroughly. But when her fiancé makes it clear that he intends to share his blushing new bride with his groomsmen and all of them will be using her in any way they please, will Zoe call off the ceremony or surrender to her body's demands and enjoy her shameful wedding night?

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