A Collision of Stars

Author: Georgia Stone
Category: Romance
Total pages: 130

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A Collision of Stars

One summer. One bucket list.

No one would ever call Ava Monroe a people person, which is unfortunate, as a barista in a busy London coffee shop. Bored, cynical and deathly sarcastic, she’s built up walls for a reason. Despite attempts from her best friend to shake up her routine, Ava refuses to do anything to disrupt her carefully curated life.

That is, until the charismatic, country-hopping Finn O’Callaghan rolls into her coffee shop one day with an offer she can’t refuse—a summer friendship fling. Finn needs help completing his London bucket list before he moves away, while Ava needs to convince her best friend she’s not as stuck in her ways as she seems. It’s a win-win.

As different as Ava and Finn may be, their chemistry is undeniable, and their strange, manufactured friendship becomes more real with every day that passes. And there, amidst sun-drenched park picnics, laughter-filled pub gardens and heady nights under aeroplane stars, the rising mercury may just be able to melt the icy defences around Ava’s heart. But will the heat last long enough to keep the frost at bay?

Because that’s the thing about summer. It always ends.

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