Storm Season

Author: Jan Dawson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 37

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Storm Season

One island. Two hurricanes. A love separated by decades.

Memories of a man who disappeared after a devastating hurricane years ago still haunt her. Now when a second storm creates chaos on Hatteras Island, she is stunned to learn that he might be back. That fact forces her to face feelings of abandonment and the other emotions that have defined her for so long. Love and anger.

Susan Kent is shaken to her core. Years ago, she placed Chris deep into the recesses of her mind. Then her granddaughter swears she recently met him and Susan realizes that she can no longer close off that painful part of her life.

Watching as her daughter and granddaughter work through their own emotional chaos with Chris, Susan struggles to accept this cataclysmic change in their family. When Chris fights for a chance to reconcile and then seems to question her loyalty, she draws an absolute line in the sand. Will they be able to accept their true feelings, or will they lose their chance at love, this time forever?

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