Hooked on You

Author: Jan Dawson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 50

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Hooked on You

Fishing. For fish or for men. She really didn’t want to be involved with either one.
It was supposed to be a long weekend of rest, reading, and forgetting. Her heart was still heavy from her recent divorce, and she longed to get lost in books and the occasional bottle of wine. But then those plans quickly changed, and she realized that she would to have to face her feelings of insecurity and failure in the most unusual circumstances.
Jenni wasn’t ready for another man. But when she’s thrown into a fishing tournament while visiting a friend, she finds there are plenty of men out there angling for more than just a fish. And it seems one man has his hook baited for her. Why does she do so many foolish things around him when she just wants to disappear?
Struggling to learn how to fish while at the same time keeping an eye on the too-good-to be-true fisherman Caleb, Jenni is surprised by her conflicting feelings of wanting to be alone but yearning for new love. When their paths seem to continually cross in unexpected ways, she feels herself being reeled in. Is she really ready for another relationship or is Caleb the catch she shouldn’t keep?

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