The Cowboy's Baby Dare

Author: Holly Rayner
Category: Billionaire Romance | Western | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 78

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The Cowboy's Baby Dare

A teenage game tore them apart…
Fifteen years later, could it be the key to solving their unfinished business?

Erin Toomey always felt trapped by her small town. A shy nerd with her sights set on bigger things, she worked her butt off and became a doctor, and never looked back. Then one day, it all got to be too much…

Forced to take a three-week leave of absence, Erin finds herself back in her hometown for the first time in years, and the boy who lived down the road – the one who reaffirmed her decision to leave in the first place – is now a man. A gorgeous, grumpy rancher, no less.

Faced with her first bit of downtime in possibly ever, Erin begins to explore the possibilities that were right in front of her the whole time. She tells herself he’s just a useful distraction, but sometimes a mere distraction can be the beginning of a whole new life...

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