The Spoil of Beasts

Author: Gregory Ashe
Category: Romance | Crime | Suspense
Total pages: 112

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The Spoil of Beasts

A jailhouse slaughter. A relentless killer. And way too much jackassing around.

When word comes that two key witnesses in an investigation are dead, North and Shaw are surprised—and pleased—to learn that their friend, John-Henry Somerset, is interested in hiring them as freelance contractors for the Wahredua police department. The department is stretched thin, and the investigation into the Cottonmouth Club (and the criminal organization operating there) is collapsing. Not to mention—in North and Shaw’s opinion, anyway—they’re the best detectives around.

Tracking down the killer won’t be easy, though. The trail ends at the doors of a megachurch, where the close-knit family of the pastor is keeping more than one secret. Worse, a local politician seems to be involved, and he’s got secrets of his own. On top of that, a sheriff’s deputy has gone missing, and North and Shaw are convinced he knows who is orchestrating events.

Pressing the investigation takes North and Shaw into the crosshairs—literally. And when their friends become targets as well, North and Shaw must hurry to learn the truth before the killer can strike at the people they care for most.

Because when it comes to his friends, the only one who gets to mess with them is North McKinney.


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