The Submissive

Author: Cynthia Dane
Category: Erotic | Dark | Adult | Lesbian Romance
Total pages: 110

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The Submissive

"I'm never alone. She haunts my dreams. My consciousness. The woman took ten years of my life, and now I'm expected to pick up the trust she stole when she shattered my heart. And Ms. Warner dares to think she can make that all go away?"

When Monique ran away from the Mistress who mistreated her, she thought she would never be in a relationship again. Heartbroken and wounded, she now devotes her life to a business catering to the depraved elite.

Then Ms. Helen Warner walks into her world, offering Monique an escape from the pain that haunts the scars on her body.

What Helen doesn't understand is that a woman like Monique knows what pain is all too well - and no longer knows the difference between a Domme who will take care of her... and one who will destroy her.

But she's falling for Helen’s pursuits. Her charms. Her sophisticated manners. Her promises of kindness... with more than a hint of what’s truly desired..

The only way Monique can heal is by submitting once again.

Helen’s domination is the cure.

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