Camera Shy

Author: Julia Boggio
Category: Romance
Total pages: 59

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Camera Shy

Heartbroken after her almost-engagement was called off, Jess goes on a mini-break to Paris seeking closure and meets a hot French stranger called Gabriel. As sparks fly, Jess, fearing she was dumped because she was boring, vows to be more spontaneous, and she and Gabriel have mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex.

With his troubled past and soulful eyes, Jess quickly realises there’s more to Gabriel than a great shag and, when he whisks her away to his fixer-upper chateau in the country, Jess thinks she might be falling for him–-even though they’ve only known each other a few days.

But is this what she wants? She was all for taking risks, but risking her heart so soon was not in the cards, especially when Gabriel's troubled past arrives in the present.

Can they both heal their emotional wounds and let love back into their lives before it's too late?

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