Corrupted Union

Author: Jill Ramsower
Category: Adult | Erotic | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 83

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Corrupted Union

The governor’s daughter has gotten herself into a mess.
If I protect her, her father will owe me, bigtime.
But the best way to keep her safe is to marry her.
Claim her as one of our own.

The catch? She’s got a boyfriend she’s not ready to part with.
Good thing an unwilling bride isn’t an issue for a guy like me.

How is it that years of toeing the line could unravel so damn quickly?

I’ve done my best to make my parents happy in every way.
But when a six-foot tatted Irish gangster showed up at our house, my entire life began to crumble.

Now, I’ve woken with a ring tattooed on my finger, and I’m starting to worry there’s no going back.

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