Vicious Seduction

Author: Jill Ramsower
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 100

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Vicious Seduction

Lina Schultze is a pawn.
A shiny piece of plastic I’ll use in my plan for revenge.

I’ll seduce her. Claim her.
Then flaunt my acquisition in front of her ex, Lawrence Wellington—
The man I plan to destroy.

Once my mission is complete, I’ll send Lina packing.

She’ll be the easiest and most … pleasurable part of my vengeance.
Charming her away from a man old enough to be her father won’t be an issue.

And if it comes down to it, I’m not above using force.

Oran Byrne has made his intentions clear—
He’ll stop at nothing to have me.

But he’s just like every other rich, entitled asshole.
He doesn't know me.
All he sees is a pretty object to be possessed and discarded.

They all underestimate me.

I’ve come back to the Olympus Club for a reason,
And I won’t let anything stop me,
Least of all a smooth-talking criminal with arsenic on his tongue.

If Oran expects me to fall into his open arms,
He’s in for a world of disappointment.

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