Hooks In

Author: Eve Holmes
Category: Romance
Total pages: 134

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Hooks In

Hatred often walks in disguise.

Rival MMA fighters Ty Roscoe and Luca Mitchell have been battling for the top spot in the rankings for years. Evenly matched in skill and constantly stripping each other of number one, the rivalry continues to grow and extend outside the cage. Knowing just how to push each other’s buttons, a deep hatred shadows their shared goal of becoming the best fighters they can be. And when an opportunity comes knocking to train at an elite MMA gym, they each think they’ll leave the other behind once and for all.

But when they end up at the same gym, under the same coach, the tension only rises. For the first time ever, they’re not fighting against each other. As they are forced to work as teammates, the battle for dominance is only amplified. They each have something the other needs, and the more time they spend training on the mats and in the boxing ring, they now realize they aren’t fighting each other… they’re fighting something else.

Their dynamic morphs, the tension evolves, and the hate drops its mask. They know everything there is to fight each other. But now, they have so much more to learn.

Submission was never in the cards.
But outside the cage, will the gloves finally drop?