Caged in Shadow

Author: Jasmine Walt
Category: Young Adult | Fantasy
Total pages: 77

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Caged in Shadow

Adara and Einar are at a crossroads. With no allies left in the fae realm, they only have one option left to unlock Adara's powers--the dragons who fled Ediria nearly twenty years ago.

In order to find the dragons, Adara will have to travel to the heart of Mount Furian and access the portal they used to escape. And since Einar cannot cross the portal himself, she will have to travel to this dangerous new realm and convince the dragons to help her without her staunchest ally by her side.

The last thing Einar wants is to send Adara through the portal, not when they are so close to completing the mating bond. But time is of the essence as Nox's dark power grows every day, and sacrifices must be made. If Adara does not stop Nox soon, the Mother of Shadows will unleash a terrible evil upon Ediria that even the Radiants cannot withstand. And Adara and Einar will lose not only each other, but everything they hold dear...

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