Author: Courtney Hours
Category: Fantasy | Young Adult | Romance
Total pages: 85

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AFTER LIVING ALMOST AN ENTIRE CENTURY EXILED without her soul, Gwynore takes comfort in her rituals: The Prayer that keeps her sane and The Vision of her past life that proves she is bound to a world in which she does not belong. A world that is stuck between Day and Night, a world that never changes—until it does. When a constellation of stars disappears from the sky, Gwyn finds herself falling through the universe, again. This time, with a chance to save herself and the home she has no memories of.

Back on the Continent, Gwyn discovers she is the key to ending a decades-long conflict between the Light and Shadow factions. All she has to do is find the three stones; three pieces of her soul that have been hidden by The Sages, a neurotic family of gods who are watching her every move.

With the help of Kalen Herja, a fierce warrior and traitor to the rival Shadow faction, Gwynore must retrace her last steps and unravel the difficult truth behind her exile. As tensions rise and rumors of Gwynore’s return spread throughout the Continent, one thing becomes clear: To reclaim her honor and take back the Light from the malevolent Shadow Sage, Gwynore will have to do the thing she fears most—face the darkness of her own past.

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