Faking it with My Billionaire Bosses

Author: Summer Haze
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 60

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Faking it with My Billionaire Bosses

Ever been swept off your feet by not one, not two, but three billionaire bosses? Welcome to my whirlwind world.
I’m just a cupcake maker, but these guys? They're a whole different recipe for trouble.

It started with a bar rescue—me, saving a sexy silver fox from a drunk clinger. Next thing I know, I'm whisked into a world of private jets, black ties, and baking classes.

Drake, the brooding heartbreaker with a past we share.Cole, the protector who makes my heart race. And Price, the calm in my storm. Each one tempting enough to turn my life upside down.

And did I mention they're my teachers? Talk about mixing business with pleasure.
But here's the kicker: I'm their fake date, a public charade that's turning all too real. Between cupcake batter and simmering desires, their ex is stirring up trouble, making our sweet deal start to crumble.

Did I bite off more than I can chew? Balancing flour and fiery feelings isn't easy, especially when you're falling for your bosses. Oh, and guess who's got a bun in the oven? This cupcake queen.
But can I trust these three to be more than just a recipe for scandal?

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