Author: Ava Summers
Category: Adult | Romance | Crime
Total pages: 34

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It was supposed to be a hot hookup.

Only my hot mafia guy doesn't appreciate being ghosted...

I don't do dating or relationships. I have a son and a sick mom to care for. Sometimes, though, a girl's gotta have fun.
Miami’s most infamous Lothario, Romano Faugno, a man with mafia blood in his veins and the owner of the best club in the city, rescues me from a creep.

He invites me to the VIP lounge as an apology for my poor experience in his club. I could have said 'no', but I’m five tequilas in and the man’s hot as Hades.

One drink turns into ... a few. He takes me to a swanky hotel, we have … fun.

Lots of fun. Hours of fun. So much fun I can barely string two words together.

In a different life, this could be the start of ... something. But I gave Romano a fake name and left before he woke up.

No complications.

No drama.

Six months pass. Romano is in my past, just a beautiful memory to keep me warm at night.

Until I’m forced to audition as a dancer at Club Venom because I desperately need the cash.

I get the job. Under different circumstances, I’d be celebrating, but before I can high-five my good fortune, I realize my hot fling is now my new boss.

And he's seriously p*ssed.

He’s not going to let me go until he has me locked down, in his bed, forever.

The problem is, Romano has no clue about the challenges I’m facing, or who I’m running from.

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