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What if Rocky doesn’t want me like I want him, and the gentle giant that he is, he tries to figure out a way to let me down easy. No, I can’t say the words until I’m sure he is feeling something similar for me.

“I’ll be gone all day,” I say instead, rocking my pussy against his erection. I trail a hand up his rippling muscles as I roll my hips over his. “I want you to fill me up now. Something to carry with me through the day.”

I gasp when he wraps an arm around my waist and thrusts his hips upward, hard enough to make my sex pulse with need. “You’re such a tease, kitten, you know that?”

“Only for you.” I whimper when he slips his hand under my nightgown and cups my aching tits with his large, calloused hands. My back arches and a whine slips out as I hump against his covered erection.

“Fuck,” he curses, pausing his movements. “Take me out before I blow in my sweats, kitten.”

I tug down his waistband, and his massive cock bobs out, the size never failing to surprise me despite the number of times I’ve seen and felt it inside of me. I haven’t seen many cocks before his, as a matter of fact, Rocky’s is the first one, but even I know that it’s above average in length and girth.

I lean back and guide his shaft to my opening, lips parting on a gasp when Rocky seats me hard on his lap, filling me with his heavy cock. His lips drop to mine just in time to swallow my moan when he starts to move. His kiss is hungry, devouring me like he can’t get enough, and the feeling makes my heart soar.

“You’re dripping all over my cock, kitten,” he says, groaning into the kiss before pushing back so our eyes lock on each other. His jaw is tight as he works himself into me, bouncing me on his lap with a strength only a fighter like him could ever claim. “Need to see you lose it. Need to watch you shatter around me.”

“Feels so good!” I pant. My channel squeezing greedily around his shaft as he thrusts his cock into me. “Harder . . . need it harder!”

Rocky grips my ass cheeks and bounces me hard on his cock, lifting his hips to meet mine as he slams crudely into me, and I lose myself in the feel of him.

In his strength and touch.

“You like that, don’t you, my horny little kitten?” he grunts, pinching my nipples between his knuckles. A shudder courses through me as I ride his cock, pressure building in me so fast, I can’t keep up. “That’s it, ride my cock, baby!”

“Yes, yes!”

Pleasure shoots up my spine as I grind my hips down on his, chasing the delicious tug coiling in my core until it finally breaks. I come with a sob, my thighs trembling as the storm threatens to sweep me over. I drop my head to Rocky’s shoulder even as he continues to thrust fervently into me.

Rocky gets up suddenly and throws me down on the bench, pinning my arms over my head as he re-enters into me with a savage thrust. His eyes are dark and his breathing shot as he pounds into me faster . . . harder.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so unbelievably tight!” he growls, nostrils flaring and muscles flexed as he pumps his cock into me, his shaft smacking wetly and sending another pleasured tug building up in my stomach. He drops his left hand between us and rubs my clit in circles as he slams into me, and it doesn’t take long before another orgasm rips through my body, this time, bringing him along.

Rocky comes with a roar, his muscles tensing as he spills his warm seed inside me in long, thick spurts. “Mine,” he says harshly as he rolls his hips, drawing out the orgasm until we’re both boneless.

“Yes, yours,” I whisper, running a weak, soothing hand down his back when he drops on top of me.

I want that to be true.

I want to belong to this man forever. Maybe we’re doing this backward, but I want to know everything there is to about this man. I want to learn the kinds of foods he likes and all the fights he’s been in. I want to know the ones he has won and lost. To understand him on a much deeper level than I have anyone else before.

An hour later, I’m still stuck on that thought as I ride the bus to my campus. I even take out a notebook and write down all the questions I have for him to ask tonight when we see each other again. I am so focused on my task that I almost miss my stop. I quickly grab my bag and exit the bus before the doors close, and I am relieved when I realize I am not running late for my first class. After our little session out on the balcony, I should have known Rocky would want to go for another round in the shower as well. The man was groping me even as I got dressed; it’s a miracle I made it out the door.

What has he done to me?

I can’t believe I went from having no sexual experience for twenty years to doing it every second we can spare.

My mind is so stuck on the half-naked man I left in the kitchen making himself a protein shake that I don’t notice the stranger until I have run smack into him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I say quickly, apologizing to the man I just bumped into. I start to move around him when he steps in my path, and my brows draw in confusion when I realize that he’s blocking my way on purpose. “Excuse me, do I know you?” I ask, studying the man who seems to be in his early fifties with his stark white hair and the crow's feet around his eyes. He is dressed in a dark suit that matches his scowl.

“How much do you want?” he demands, running his eyes shamelessly over my body. My own eyes widen to saucers before narrowing to slits as the worst scenarios filter through my mind. Is this man really proposing sex to me right now? Is he out of his mind?

“I don’t know what you mean,” I say, glaring at him when he runs his eyes over me again.

“You are short, but you have curves, I’ll give you that.” he comments as if I haven’t spoken, and I am taken aback by this creep. “You are young too, not at all the type of girl he usually goes for.”

I shake my head and figure the man must be insane. “I think you have the wrong person,” I say, trying to sidestep him, but he simply blocks me again, causing a trickle of fear to overshadow my frustration.

“I’ve watched the two you these past few days. He took you to the movies when he should’ve been training for the fight. You are a distraction to him!”