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The wall beside the double front doors stopped our movements, and I groaned against her mouth, my cock hard, demanding, and aching so much I didn’t stop myself from grinding the thick length against her belly.

I broke away to breathe, to try to control myself. I was slowly losing my mind, and the scent of my mate—of her arousal for me—was going to bring me to my knees.

“Your eyes,” she breathed out. “Ren, your canines… they're so sharp and long. God, your body is getting so much bigger right in front of me.”

I closed my eyes and panted. “Mikalina,” I ground out.

“Ren?” Her voice was hesitant but still filled with so much arousal. Gods, she was strong, stronger than I was.

I opened my eyes, my Lycan taking full control now.

There was no going back, and so I growled, “Run.”



Everything in me screamed to go back to him, that this was supposed to happen, that I was supposed to be his. It was that voice that had me pushing away everything I’d always known about what was in the world, what life was made up of, and going to him, confronting this head on.

But he told me to run in a voice that was no longer his, distorted and deep, more of a growl than anything else.

So that's what I did. I ran.

I stumbled over fallen logs, branches whipping at my arms and face. I was no longer on the path, now stumbling forward, the darkness thick, but the glow from the moon high above was almost this calming balm.

I felt no pain as those leaves and branches swatted at me like hungry hands trying to stop me.

“So my female wants to run?” Ren’s voice was low, deep, distorted as it moved around me. God, it sounded like he was in my head, like his words wrapped themselves around me, taunting me… teasing me.

I shook and moaned, chills racing over my body. I wanted him, yet I couldn't stop running.

He loves the chase. He needs this. I need this.

I knew the human side of him was gone, pure instinct riding him now. The feel of that silvery glow from the moon washed over me, and I moaned anew, as if that light bathed me in pure pleasure. Oh God. What’s happening?

His wolf was right behind me. I sensed him, felt him chasing me.

And so I ran faster, tripping over my own feet, no longer running from the unknown, but running because I knew my mate was after me and would claim me.

And I wanted him to catch me.

I was too aroused, my legs feeling weak, my feet sinking into the ground as if quicksand tried to pull me down, slow me for him.

The roar that sounded behind me had my heart racing in… anticipation for him reaching me.

“Run, my female. Run. But know I’ll chase you, mate. I’ll chase you until the end of the world. Know I love it, yearn for the catch.” He growled erotically, and I could practically feel his warm breath on the back of my neck.

I heard hard rustling behind me, twigs snapping, trees being decimated in his wake, because of his wrath.

And I knew the moment he reached out and snagged me around the waist, pulling us down, taking the force so I wasn’t crushed by his massive weight.

Before I could even make a sound or suck in a breath, his mouth was on mine, his hands working at my clothing, tearing it off.

“Tell me you accept me, you submit to me,” he growled and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and arched my back, which made him become even more frenzied. “Tell me you'll always be mine, that you crave me as much as I do you.” His voice was so serrated. “Tell me you yearn for my mark.”

I gasped and opened my mouth wider, accepting his brutal kiss.

“Yes,” I moaned, arching up against him again, letting him tear the clothes from my body. He kissed me with a violent passion I never knew I needed, with a passion that burned me from the inside out.