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He stroked his tongue over my lips, forcing me to take it into my mouth, fucking me there like I needed him to do between my thighs. I could hear him snarling, growling, the vibrations doing wicked things to my pussy, making me yearn in a way I never imagined.

I was vaguely aware of our clothing in tatters around our bodies, the glow from the moon washing over us so elicit, so erotic, that I threw my arms above my head and fully stretched out under him.

He flexed and released his fingers on my hips, his claws digging into my flesh but not enough to hurt me. I knew that this encounter, this mating as he called it, would be so heated I wouldn’t even be able to comprehend the magnitude of it.

I wouldn’t know fully how permanent it was until it was said and done.

I knew without him having to say the words against my sensitive lips that he wanted me to surrender fully—totally—to him.

And God help me, but I wanted that too.

The fire running through my veins could not be ignored, couldn't be extinguished, and right now, I didn't want it any other way.

When Ren broke the kiss and started moving his lips down my face, as if he savored the flavor and feel of me, I closed my eyes and moaned. His tongue lashed out along my throat, over my collarbones, and settled right above one of the mounds of my heaving breasts.

“So sweet, my female,” he growled.

I breathed out heavily and tried to absorb every single sensation moving through me, even if it seemed impossible. Never had I felt so exposed in the best of ways. Ren made me wet and so ready to take him into my body that I ached.

I felt like I was losing control, just like he was.

He pulled me closer to him, and I felt all of his hardness. He was so very masculine, so big and strong, and I felt tiny in comparison. Everything about him heightened my arousal.

“Mine,” he growled as he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, tugging at the peak with his teeth. A shiver worked its way through me, and I grabbed his head and tangled my fingers in his short, now disheveled dark strands.

He pulled back, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled deeply, his eyes now fully blue as he stared at me. With his mouth parted, I clearly saw the very sharp, very long twin canines that descended from his mouth and pricked at the bottom of his lip. I imagined what it would feel like to have those fangs embedded in my neck as he bit me and held me in place as he fully took me.

A shiver of pure lust shot through me, and I knew he smelled it, because he growled and gripped my waist right before flipping me over and positioning me on my hands and knees.

I moaned and thrust my ass back, this wanton side of me so unusual, but it felt so right. I felt how hard he was, his cock the biggest I could have ever imagined. And of course I thought about how in the hell he’d fit inside me. Even if I wasn’t a virgin, that length and girth would be painful.

And I’ve never anticipated anything more.

And then he was kissing and licking all the way down my back; the growls that came from him had me rubbing my ass on his cock. I felt his fangs on my skin, and a shiver raced over me. His claws dug into my skin, not hard enough to break my flesh, but enough to let me know he wasn’t fully human right now.

“Mine,” he growled in that very animal-like, distorted voice, and I felt his warm breath along my ass. Another shiver violently raced up my spine.

He was rock-hard, so big and thick that wetness coated my inner thighs as my body prepared itself for his dick. Ren smoothed his hands over the cheeks of my ass, pawing them in his big hands before spreading them and groaning loudly.


“Ren,” I moaned his name now, lost and frenzied in my arousal. And when he had his mouth right between my thighs, licking and sucking at my primed pussy, I cried out and ground myself against his lips and tongue.

Yeah, I was so ready for Ren’s claiming.



I was slowly losing control and had worried that my mate would be terrified of me. But here she was, so willing, wet, and ready for me, that I was damn near ready to come as it was.



I’d told her to run, because I knew the time had passed where I could try to be remotely human-like in my desire for her. But I also told her to flee, because I wanted so desperately to chase her, to hunt her down and take her.

“My female,” I groaned at the sight of her on her hands and knees, her ass raised, her legs spread as far as they could go. She was pink and wet and smelled incredible. “I’ll never get my fill of you. Never.”