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I attacked her core then, holding her perfectly shaped ass open as I ate out her pussy. Fuck, she was so sweet, her flavor an aphrodisiac. And all the while, she moaned and pushed her pussy back against my face, grinding herself on me as she sought her pleasure.

I reached down and palmed my cock, stroking myself furiously as I devoured her cunt. I was going to come, the first time of many tonight, and I planned on covering her flesh with my seed so she smelled like me and was marked every single way by me.

She moaned loud and long for more, and I plunged my tongue into her tight pussy, swallowing her honey and becoming instantly addicted to it. I’d never get enough.

“Ren, God, Ren, I’m going to… yes. Yeeesss.”

She came for me, her pussy getting wetter, that sweet nectar spilling from her. I greedily swallowed it, wanting more. I pumped my fist over my cock, harder and faster, the head slick with so much pre-cum the clear liquid dripped onto the forest floor.

My balls drew up tightly, and I roared against her, the vibrations setting off another orgasm in her as she pressed her pussy even more against my mouth. I pulled back just in time, my orgasm rushing forward as I furiously jerked off, aiming the tip at her round ass and spread pussy. She was now braced on her elbows, her chest nearly touching the ground, her pussy in the air. I aimed right for that sweet spot. Mine. Mine. Mine!

I roared out and came hard, jet after jet of cum arcing out of the tip of my shaft and covering her pussy and ass in no doubt hotness. The white ropes had me roaring again, and all I wanted was to keep covering her with my seed so she smelled like me undeniably.

When the orgasm waned and I was panting, she lifted her upper body up so she was fully on her knees and stared back at me. Her eyes lowered to my cock and widened when she saw how hard I still was after coming.

“More, mate.” I stood, taking hold of my shaft and giving the length another languid stroke.

She looked up at me, her long, dark hair fanned along her back, the desire clear on her face. I felt my balls draw up with another hardcore orgasm.

“Take me into your mouth, mate.” She licked her lips, and I was riveted to the sight, imaging her mouth wrapped around my cock. “Tell me you’re mine.” My voice wasn’t my own, rough and coarse, distorted from my animal.

“I’m yours,” she said without hesitation.

“Yes,” I growled. “You are mine. Only mine.” I smoothed a finger along her bottom lip, my claw gently pushing along the supple flesh. She gasped, then moaned, and I felt another pulse of need shoot up the length of my cock. “Take me into your mouth. Suck on me.” I kept moving my thumb back and forth along her bottom lip, slowly pulling it down, my heart thundering fiercely. “I am so hard for you, Mikalina. I ache to fill you with my seed.” She made this soft noise, one that sounded like need and desperation, and everything that turned me on, everything that had the basic, primal male need to ease my mate’s desire rising up in me.

I curled my hand behind her nape and pulled her closer. She gasped again, braced her hands on my thighs, and opened wide to suck the head in. I let my head fall back and moaned loudly, my voice echoing off the trees. Gods, it felt incredible. Never had I imagined it would be like this.

My cock throbbed, pulsed, and my balls were so damn tight I knew my second orgasm would be just as powerful as the first. Even now, I smelled my seed coating her skin from where I marked her, and that had my dick getting even harder for her.

She couldn't take all of me, not even half because I was so large, but she did it so fucking good I was on a razor’s edge. Over and over, she sucked and licked at my shaft, moving her tongue around the tip to lap at my pre-cum, and the entire time, I gritted my teeth to hold off from coming. But when I couldn't stand it any longer, I gently pulled her back, gripped my length, and started stroking my cock furiously as I stared into her eyes. I gave a harsh roar of completion as I aimed at her supple, large breasts, covering the mounds with my seed, marking her on this part of her body as well.

And when the pleasure dimmed, I only had a moment of reprieve before the desire screamed in me once more.

Take her.

Claim her.

Make her ours.

I had her back on the ground, my hands under her, cushioning her, and started kissing her like a male who had lost all control. I pulled her close, needing her to all but crawl into me. Gods, I’d never get enough. I felt her breasts pressed to my chest, and another low growl left me, one I would never stop where my mate was concerned.

I kissed her neck, nipped her lightly, my canines aching to pierce her flesh. “I’ll make it so you're marked by me, and all will know you are mine.”

She made another small noise and dug her nails into my back, the sting and pain so fucking good.

I knew I had to claim her now.

I growled and dragged my hand up her belly and over her ribcage to cup one of her breasts. I thrust my hips forward, grinding my cock into her soft, wet, and hot pussy, closing my eyes and groaning in bliss.

Fuck. Yes.

I went back to sucking on her neck, dragging my tongue up the slender column, and thrusting back and forth into the cradle of her thighs, making her feel how hard and ready I was for her. I wanted to pierce her throat... ached to do just that. I wanted my scent in her bloodstream, wanted her to be fully mine. Pulling back was hard as hell, but I managed and breathed in deeply.

I forced myself to pull back to look down at her body, letting my gaze move up and down her slender form, memorizing every part of her. I finally stopped at her breasts once more, and although I already looked at them, touched them… sucked on them, I’d never get tired of gazing upon them.

I’ll never tire of her. I’ll never be satiated. She’s all I’ll ever want.

I was going to devour her.