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“Fuuuck.” His head was thrown back, his lips pulled back from his teeth as he groaned in pleasure. He looked so harsh and severe right now, and I grew even more turned on.

I couldn't hold myself up any longer and fell back onto the soft earth. He went even more primal on me then, the sound of our wet skin slapping together surrounding us and seeming to bounce off the trees in an erotic echo. It’s all I could hear and feel.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I thrashed my head back and forth, the pleasure building, my orgasm rushing up to explode within me.

“Come for me,” he demanded harshly.

I cried out as I came for Ren, the pleasure so bright and hot and exquisite that I gasped for breath. And the whole entire time, he pounded into me, prolonging the pleasure, drawing more of that sweet torture from my spasming body.

“Sweet Jesus, baby. That’s it.”

Right before the tremors ended in me, Ren pulled out, which caused me to gasp at the sudden emptiness.

He had me flipped onto my hands and knees once more, spread my thighs as wide as they would go, then aligned the tip of his thick cock at my pussy. He only let me take one breath before he was shoving back into me, a roar leaving him and a gasp sounding from me.

He palmed my ass with his big hands, the act seeming very wolf-like. He gripped the mounds and squeezed them tightly until I moaned from the sensitivity of it.

“So fucking perfect.” He slid his hands up to my waist and curled his fingers around me, pulling me back as he thrust forward, filling me over and over again.

“Yes,” I found myself whispering. “More, Ren. God, more.” I cried out the latter, and he growled. I knew he loved hearing me beg.

I let my head fall forward, looked down the length of my body, and could see the heavy weight of his balls swinging as he thrust in and out of me. I opened my mouth in a silent cry at how erotic the sight was.

He held onto my hips with a bruising force, so tight the pain had me gasping out, but also mixing with the pleasure, having me soar so high I’d never reach the ground again.

“Yes,” he growled in that very Lycan voice of his.

I looked over my shoulder to stare into his face, seeing his animal flicker over his visage, his eyes glowing blue, his focus trained on me.

“Mine!” He buried himself deep inside me as he came, and it set off another mind-numbing orgasm in me. I could feel his cock jerk in my pussy, could feel the hard jets of his cum fill me.

With a deafening roar, Ren had his mouth at the side of my throat, where my neck and shoulder met, his canines piercing me and causing me to cry out.

And my pleasure went even higher as he held me down with his bite and still continued to fill me up with his orgasm.

Pulling his mouth away from my neck, he groaned out, “Mikalina. You’re mine.” He was over the edge in his control.

His breath came out in hard pants, bathing my flesh, a twin trail of blood starting to slip down my collarbone. He leaned forward again to lick at the wound, groaning anew.

My arms shook as I held myself up, the pleasure consuming me. And when he pulled out of me, I was about to collapse on the ground, but he moved quickly, now on his back with me pulled over him, my legs splayed on either side of his big body, the desire in me momentarily satiated.

Ren had one hand on the center of my back, the other between my thighs as if he needed to keep his semen in me. In fact, I heard him growl as he slid a finger deep into me, pushing in any cum that slipped out, causing me to shiver in need once more.

“My seed belongs in you, my female.”

I moaned at his purely possessive words and tone. My skin was damp from sweat, my thighs sore from being spread wide, my pussy aching in the best way from losing my virginity to such a virile, potent male.

“Mmmm,” he hummed in that male way of his. “My female. Nothing has ever felt so good as having you in my arms.”

And then he just held me, the moonlight washing over us, the chill racing over my body having nothing to do with being cold and everything to do with the pleasure Ren had just given me.

“I can make you happy, mate. I can make you love me one day… as much as I love you.”

I closed my eyes and smiled, knowing that I already loved this man. It was crazy and fast, but I’d never felt surer of anything else in my life.

I rose up and looked down at my big, strong mate, and although it was a little strange saying that and a hell of a lot strange knowing it was now my reality, all I felt was contentment.