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“I know you will. I already feel that way.” His eyes flared with my admission, but I didn't let him say anything, just leaned down and was now the one to kiss him soundly.



I left the manor when I sensed Ren come back with his female. There was no doubt he’d taken his mate in the way of our kind—under the light of the full moon, claiming her fully and placing his mark on her. It was the way of our species, a sacred, ritualistic act that mates did when they were finally complete with the woman meant to be theirs.

I wasn’t strong enough to deny the pull of the moon, to let my Lycan fully out and run free; and every time the moon was high, I locked myself away, making my inner beast suffer with the pain of not being free one more time.

But on this night, I broke habit. Ren deserved to have this time in his home with his mate alone. He didn’t need a brother who was slowly losing his mind bellowing in the very bottom chamber of the estate as he pulled his female close and reveled in the fact that he was no longer alone.

So here I was, walking the slightly worn path in the forest, the same one my brother clearly took night after night before he found his female. I could smell Ren’s scent lingering within the trees, and the faint aroma of his claiming with the woman who was now irrevocably his for all time trailed in the wind.

I was happy for him, relieved we both wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

And now here I was, taking the same path as he. But I’d long since lost the hope that he clearly hung onto all this time.

A break in the trees had the silvery glow from the moon casting down. I stepped into the clearing and tipped my head back, closing my eyes and letting that powerful pull almost lull me.

My brother would no doubt have the mating ceremony as soon as he could. He already claimed her—which I could easily smell in the air—but I knew he’d want our kind, as well as those in allegiance with the Lycans, to witness him mating his female properly. It was similar to a human wedding, but without the vows, the white dress, or the throwing of fucking rice. Basically, it was a way for our kind to show off our mates and to let the males know she was theirs—the mark on her neck on proud display. The word would travel between species so all knew not to fuck with her or they’d face death.

So yeah, my brother would most certainly be doing the ceremony as soon as possible. And I couldn’t blame him. Hell, I would too.

I closed my eyes and exhaled, letting the glow from the moon try to soothe me as it always did. And it helped—minimally.

I knew rumors of me going mad had run rampant through our world. They all thought I was dangerous, violent, more beast than creature. I supposed I was. But for my brother, I’d make an appearance at his ceremony out of respect. I couldn’t not go. And I’d look every one of those bastards in the eye and let them see I was still here—barely alive, but still here.

Then I’d crawl back into the pits of the manor and truly contemplate if it was all worth it anymore.



I gave a mighty roar as I came, filling my mate up with my seed, making her take every single fucking ounce of it. She collapsed on top of me, her sweat dampening her little body that fit perfectly against mine. Our breathing was erratic, identical from just making love.

No, I fucked my female good and hard. She’ll be pleasantly sore tomorrow, remembering my cock deep in her body.

I hummed at how good that made me feel.

For long moments, she just lay on top of me, my arms around her body, keeping her close. Needing her that way. I fucked her all night long, small intermissions of sleep and rest before I’d woken with a renewed insatiable hunger for her. I’d come so many times I was dizzy from my pleasure, exhausted from claiming my mate over and over again.

She was perfect in every way, unimaginably beautiful and all for me.

She rolled off me and lay on her back, her arms flung over her head, her eyes closed, and this small smile tilting her lips. I couldn’t help myself from leaning over and kissing her long and slow, drugged-like. I could’ve gone again, my cock semi-hard but hardening once more as I looked down at her chest and saw her pert little nipples tighten further.

I blew a warm stream of air across them, and she arched and moaned even more.

I groaned and leaned forward, taking a peak into my mouth, sucking on it, licking the flesh, gently biting it. She arched and moaned, her legs sawing on the mattress.

I let go of her flesh with an audible pop and then pulled her in close, her chest to mine, her head resting on the crook of my arm. I had to stop touching her so erotically or I wouldn’t have any control and I’d take her again and again.

And as much as I wanted to be with her once more, I knew she had to be sore. She’d been so giving to me, spreading her thighs every time I needed her, welcoming me with her arms open as she held me and let me slide into her perfection until we both found release.

I loved this female, and although our bond as mates was unbreakable, I knew that even if we didn’t have that fate-ordained connection, she was who I’d want in my life and by my side forever.

“I’ve never felt anything so good as having you in my arms,” I murmured as exhaustion finally started to claim me. “Not in all my centuries in this world.” I closed my eyes and smiled. “I’ll never let you go.” She moved closer to me, kissing my chest and sighing in contentment.

“Good, because I don’t ever want you to let me go.”