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‘Thee mou! I need you more,’ he ground out as he carried her over to the bed.

‘No—don’t rip it off.’ She closed her hands protectively over the chiffon over-blouse, suddenly nervous, suddenly conscious of what they were about to do.

‘I’ll buy you another, Thespinis mou.’

‘But I like this one.’

‘Then take it off,’ he instructed roughly. ‘Take it off for me, yineka mou.’

She was panting, eyes wide. She was his equal and that made her feel safe. Slipping off the bed, Lisa undid the sash at the front and then allowed the chiffon blouse to fall. As it floated to the floor she felt no fear. There was an unspoken connection between them that for some reason made her trust him. Watching Tino take her place on the bed and then stretch out like a sleek black panther was more seduction than she could take.

‘Continue,’ he instructed lazily.

‘No.’ She stared fiercely at him. ‘This is far too one- sided.’

Quirking a brow, he sat up and shrugged off his jacket.

‘Get rid of it.’ She could see he was as aroused as she was, and then he indicated that it was her turn now.

Slowly easing the straps of the silk camisole from her shoulders, Lisa let it drop. Then, swooping down, she took it from the floor by one finger. She was wearing nothing underneath.

‘Have you no shame?’ Tino murmured appreciatively.

‘None.’ Gazing down, Lisa saw how taut her nipples had become. They seemed to be stretching out to him to both tease and provoke his censure. Raising her head, she gazed steadily into his eyes.

‘Just as I’d hoped.’ He quickly opened the buttons on his shirt.

‘Take it off.’ Her voice was firm, and once he had obeyed her she rewarded him, arching her back and displaying her breasts to their best advantage.

Easing back on the pillows, she noted the thrust of his arousal.

‘Have you no shame?’ she demanded softly, her voice thick with desire.

Stroking down the length of it, he looked at her. ‘None… would you like me to develop some?’

‘It’s a little late for that, I should imagine.’ Lisa found her hands were shaking as she reached for the fastening on her skirt. ‘And I’ll be sure to make you pay if you do.’

‘I’m counting on it.’

Slipping her finger down beneath the waistband, Lisa closed her eyes as she allowed the column of silk to pool at her feet.

‘And now the rest,’ Tino insisted, referring to the transparent pants she was wearing.

Lisa shook her head. ‘It’s your turn now—’

‘Who is going to make me?’

‘Me.’ It came out on a breath, but she couldn’t move; she was transfixed by his lips, lips she wanted to feel all over her body, possessing her mouth, possessing her totally, utterly, everywhere…

Lying back on the bed, Tino caught hold of the brass rail behind his head and stretched out.

Taking her cue, Lisa picked up the chiffon over-blouse and walked to the head of the bed.

‘What are you going to do with that?’

‘I’m going to tie you down, and then do whatever I want with you—’

‘I don’t think so.’

It happened so fast. One minute she was standing there, and the next she was flat on her back on the bed staring into eyes that were blazing with desire.

‘I had to save you from yourself,’ Tino explained softly, making a pretence of contrition. ‘I knew how precious the top was to you. How could I let you use it to tie me up?’

Lisa gasped and writhed beneath him as he began teasing her ear lobe with his teeth. ‘I’m guessing you’d buy me another?’ Her words came out in a hectic whisper.

‘And so I will,’ he assured her. ‘I’ll buy you a thousand tops if you want them, but I’ll never let you master me, Lisa Bond.’

‘Is the missionary position all I’m good for, then?’ Her lips curved with amusement as she stared into his eyes.

‘Pleasure is what you’re good for. But pleasure on my terms, not yours.’

Somehow she managed to slip away. ‘Then there can be no pleasure for either of us.’

Reaching out, he caught her back to him. ‘I decide about the levels of pleasure in this relationship.’

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