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‘Oh, you do?’

‘Just answer one question. Do you want me?’

‘Yes, I want you…’ Lisa hesitated, and then admitted softly, ‘I want you more than anything.’

Tino fought the feeling rising in his chest. This had nothing to do with emotion. He just wanted to give her more pleasure than she had ever known, pleasure she would remember for the rest of her life, pleasure that would make every other man fall short in her eyes… He concentrated his attention on the tiny pants she was wearing. He pressed his palm against her stomach and felt her quiver of desire course up his arm. She was trembling with passion and so he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband to tease her.

‘Don’t stop, Tino.’

She writhed beneath him. ‘What are you asking me to do, Lisa? You have to tell me exactly what you want—or how can I possibly know?’

‘You know what I want you to do,’ she told him fiercely.

‘But I have to hear it from your mouth.’ He rubbed the thumb pad of one hand roughly over the full swell of her bottom lip.

‘I want you to…’

‘Yes? You want me to do what to you, Lisa? You have to tell me.’

‘I’m… ‘She hesitated, and then she saw the change in his eyes. He was so intuitive she didn’t have to explain a thing.

‘You’re a virgin?’ He turned suddenly serious.

‘Not exactly. I’ve just never—’ She blushed red.

‘What does ‘‘not exactly’’ mean, Lisa? You either are or you aren’t a virgin. It’s one of life’s few absolutes.’

‘I’ve never had sex with a man.’

‘That’s not so bad, is it?’ Cupping her chin, he turned her to face him so she couldn’t evade his stare.

‘It’s not that simple. I’ve never had time for relationships. But back at my apartment, I have a drawer full of—’

‘Please—I really don’t need to hear the details.’ And now he smiled wickedly. ‘If I do, you may convince me that all the rumours I hear are true.’

‘What rumours are those?’ Lisa was immediately defensive.

‘That women may very soon be able to do without men altogether?’

‘Why don’t I believe you?’ She smiled, relaxing again as he tried for a crestfallen expression.

‘You don’t believe I have insecurities?’

She raised a brow.

‘You’d be surprised.’

‘I certainly would.’

He couldn’t play games any longer. He couldn’t wait any longer. He had never felt like this before. Dragging her to him, he turned her, and had her beneath him in the space of a few seconds. He kissed her until he could feel her arching against him. He brought her on top of him then, so that he could cup her bottom and stroke her the way he was very sure she would like.

She sighed raggedly. ‘You have to stop that.’


‘Because it feels so good.’

‘Then that’s the only encouragement I need to continue.’

She whimpered with pleasure, helpless beneath his touch, relishing the way he was massaging her buttocks and, in the process, pressing her hard against his rigid erection. ‘That feels so good.’ A shudder of pure lust consumed Lisa’s body as she stared into Tino’s eyes. ‘I’d like to—’

‘Like to what?’

‘Continue.’ She smiled against his mouth.

‘In that case…’ Catching hold of her wrists, he turned her again, pinning her securely beneath him.

She had never done this with anyone. She had never trusted anyone enough. With Tino it was different, because she didn’t feel frightened of him… and that was because when Tino touched her, even when he held her pinned down like this, she knew he would never forget himself, he would never forget how vulnerable she was pitting her strength against his. He knew how firmly to hold her, and when to let go. He could read every nuance in her face, and had mastered his prodigious strength so she could wrestle with him and still feel safe.

The warmth in her heart was threatening to overwhelm her, Lisa realised, feeling her eyes fill with tears. Fire was rushing through her limbs at the thought of making love with him, but there was something even more compelling building inside her… Was it tenderness? Or could it be love? It was something she had never felt before, so it was hard to be sure—and then Tino greedily seized one of her tightly extended nipples and began to suckle, and no more thoughts were possible…

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