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‘You are a bad girl,’ he observed huskily.

‘Tino… I want it.’

She gasped as he moved quickly behind her. Kneeling on the floor, he stroked his hands lightly over her naked rump. ‘Down,’ he said softly.

She obeyed him at once, resting her head on her arms so that her bottom was raised as high as it could be. He dealt her several firm strokes, and had the satisfaction of hearing her call throatily for more. The next few ended in a caress that brought her very close and that was his cue to lift her to her feet. Holding her in front of him with their faces almost touching, he very slowly stroked his hands up her arms relishing the sight of the shudders coursing through her. ‘I had no idea this was going to turn out to be quite so energetic, or half so dangerous.’

‘Are you frightened of me, Tino?’ She whispered the words against his mouth.

Even he didn’t know the truth to that. She made him feel things he shouldn’t be feeling… She unsettled him more than any woman he had ever known… She pushed him further than he had ever considered going with a woman before. ‘More to the point,’ he said, ‘are you frightened of me?’ He searched her eyes.

‘I’m in more danger from this.’

‘Oh,’ he murmured softly as she cupped him through his evening trousers.

‘I’m glad you understand me.’

‘Oh, I do,’ he assured her as he reached to undo his zip.

‘Let me,’ Lisa whispered.

He held his hands out to the side.

‘That’s better.’ She held his gaze as she undressed him, and only broke it when she was forced to dip down to remove his trousers completely and toss them away. ‘Now you get your reward.’

But as she reached for him he pulled away.

‘Not before I give you yours.’ He swept her up.

‘If you insist.’

And he did…


LISA shrieked with shock and with excitement as Tino joined her. As he pulled her on top of him she dropped a kiss on his firm mouth. ‘You’re not going to get away from me now.’

‘As I’d hoped,’ he murmured. ‘Shall we begin?’

‘Oh, please,’ she sighed, reaching for him. Now the barriers were down between them his clean male scent was all the aphrodisiac she needed. Yet still he played with her, holding her away from him, refusing her any satisfaction. Cupping her chin, he caressed the sensitive area just below her ear… but when she tried to kiss him on the mouth he made a sound of denial down low in his throat, and held her away again. She wriggled against him, wanting the touch of his hands, needing it desperately. ‘You will send me crazy, teasing me like this,’ she complained breathlessly.

‘Not crazy, just into a deeper state of arousal,’ he observed clinically.

‘You sound so cold.’ She laughed it off, confident that it was a figment of her imagination.

Pulling away, he lavished a look down the whole trembling length of her.

‘Hold me, Tino. Touch me.’

Her words drove him. His passions had never been roused to such a level. But he must keep control… that way he would give her more pleasure than she had ever dreamed of.

‘You’re not making me wait any longer,’ she insisted fiercely.

He caught her wrist as she reached for him, and held both her hands over her head, keeping them secure in one fist on the pillow. She didn’t try to resist him. ‘So, you’ve no more fight left in you?’

‘I didn’t say that—but if you use your strength there’s no contest.’

He released her immediately, and she sprang to the other side of the bed, staring at him, teasing him…

‘I’m a naughty girl, Tino… or had you forgotten?’

‘I have not forgotten anything, Lisa.’ Nor had he. He remembered Bond Steel, and how she had set herself against him. ‘Before I give you what you want, you must welcome my authority.’

Seeing the change in Tino’s eyes, Lisa shivered with desire. ‘Can you master me?’

‘Let me ask you a question, Lisa… Do you want me to pleasure you?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Then you must convince me that you will submit to my command.’

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