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Lisa cried out with delighted surprise, lacing her fingers through his hair to urge him on. Why hadn’t she known pleasure like this existed? Why had she never felt this way before? When Tino stopped briefly to read her face she made an angry sound, and kept on making it until he found the other nipple and suckled on that one too.

‘That’s better,’ she approved throatily. ‘I like that.’

‘Oh, do you?’ He lifted himself on one elbow to stare into her face. ‘And do I exist solely for your pleasure now?’

She considered his question through narrowed eyes. ‘I don’t see why not.’

As she gazed at him he could feel her strength and her certainty. They were worthy combatants. ‘Then don’t you think you should take these off?’

‘Let me,’ she insisted, and he watched as she ripped off the fragile briefs. Her boldness excited him. The fragile briefs were as much a hindrance to her as they were to him. This was a joust between equals; each of them wanted to see how far the other would push. ‘Lie down,’ he murmured, aching to pleasure her. ‘Lie down, and spread your legs.’

She was clearly shocked by his suggestion—but her eyes were brighter than ever, and her cheeks were flushed pink with excitement. He trailed his fingers very lightly between her legs to feel how wet she was. Closing her eyes, she groaned, and then opened them a little wider for him. When he stopped, her eyes flashed open.

‘That’s not fair.’

‘What isn’t fair?’ He pulled back to look at her.

‘You sound so stern.’ She seemed pleased by it. Turning onto her side, she rested her chin on her elbow to stare up at him. ‘You are stern,’ she observed huskily. ‘Mmm, I like that.’

‘Do you?’ His senses roared as he caught her meaning.

‘Yes, I do.’

As she reached for his trousers he caught hold of her wrist, stopping her. ‘You’re a very naughty girl, aren’t you, Lisa?’

‘If I’m naughty, will you punish me?’ she responded teasingly.

His breath caught in his throat as she stared at him. When she looked at him like that he longed to put her over his knee just as he had on the cliff path, but this time he wouldn’t stop… This time he would give her exactly what she wanted. He could see she was remembering what had almost happened there, and that it was exciting her as much as it was exciting him.

He couldn’t believe what she was asking him to do; he couldn’t believe how much he wanted to do it. The thought of attending to those impudent curves made his throat tighten with anticipation. She had an extremely narrow waist that emphasised the fullness of her hips, and from his vantage point her bottom appeared to be a perfect pink globe… palest pink. She was thrusting it towards him now as he stared at her, almost as if she could read his mind… and now she was writhing a little to tempt him still more. ‘Are you asking me to put you over my knee?’

‘Would you?’

She made it sound more like a request, than a question. ‘Do you want me to, you naughty girl?’

‘Maybe—if you can catch me.’


‘You don’t seriously expect me to mildly submit, do you, Tino?’

‘I’m not sure.’ His senses flared. She was inviting him to indulge in a tussle they both knew could only have one conclusion.

‘Naughty girls don’t just roll over and submit.’

‘Don’t they?’ He gave her a firm look.

‘No… they’re rebellious, and cunning, and—’

She shrieked as he caught hold of her, and then they rolled over once, twice… and then they were falling… falling off the bed.

She was laughing, he saw with relief. ‘Are you all right?’

‘I will be soon,’ she promised provocatively. ‘I suppose I should be grateful that you brought me on top of you to cushion my fall… I suppose I should be relieved that your reflexes are so sharp.’

Everything was a tease now. She had moved away from him, and she was on her hands and knees, staring at him like a beautiful pussy-cat, her eyes narrowed to arrow slits of emerald. Her bottom was raised high, displayed to its best advantage. He relished the moment, sure she couldn’t possibly know the effect the sight of it was having on him… but then she undulated, and even raised it a little higher, proving that she knew exactly what she was doing.