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‘Never.’ The single word left her lips on a sigh… a sigh that was laced with all the temptation she could muster, and her expression tempted him on still more.

‘Never?’ he queried softly. ‘Do you want your bottom smacking again, Lisa?’

Lisa could hardly breathe with excitement as she nodded suggestively. Her lips were moist as she gazed at him spellbound with fascination at the thought of what might lie in store for her.

She shrieked as he rolled her over his knees. The sudden impact of Tino’s warm hand on her soft flesh was so good. Lisa shrieked again, and wriggled her buttocks to show her approval. The pressure of his hard thighs against her was electrifying, and he judged the spanking perfectly. She knew he meant to rouse her all the more, and he had succeeded.

His hand lingered, and his skilful fingers, warm and firm, curled around her buttocks until he nearly, so very nearly, touched her where she ached to be touched. Nothing had ever felt this good, but it still wasn’t enough. ‘How can you tease me like this?’

‘Did I give you permission to question my actions, you naughty, naughty girl?’

With each word, Tino’s hand landed firmly on the soft pink swell of Lisa’s bottom until she thought she would pass out from an overdose of pleasure.

‘Have you learned your lesson yet?’ he demanded.

‘No!’ Lisa exclaimed as loud as she could when her face was muffled by the bedclothes and she was teetering on the edge of the biggest climax of her life. ‘I need much more. Oh…’ She sighed with pleasure as he changed his touch into a stroke.

She was moving now, rubbing herself against him, lifting her buttocks towards his hand, inviting more and more of the delicious taps. She was more aroused than she had ever been. She had needed this. It made her trust him, showed her how right it could be with the right man. She had to have him now—all of him. ‘All right, all right—I submit…’

Swinging her round, Tino settled her on the soft bank of pillows. ‘Say it, then.’

‘Say what?’

‘I, Lisa Bond…’

‘I, Lisa Bond,’ Lisa repeated huskily, holding his stare.

‘Submit to whatever you decide will bring me most pleasure.’

‘That’s far too much for me to remember,’ she complained, reaching for him.

‘Submit,’ he growled, dragging her close.

Lisa’s eyes darkened as she looked at him. ‘Not without a fight.’

‘Of course. I would hate to disappoint you.’

And this time when Tino kissed her he denied her nothing. Just the touch of his warm, naked flesh pressing against her body drew whimpers of pleasure from her lips. His arms were strong and firm around her, and he kissed her passionately, tenderly, letting her show him what she wanted, and then responding with more skill than she could ever have imagined a man might be capable of.

‘Oh, Tino, I love—’

He silenced her with another kiss, frightened of what she might say, frightened of the depth of feeling welling inside him. He wasn’t supposed to feel anything outside the need to satisfy them both. He was in a hurry to lose himself in sensation and ease the pain that came with knowing he didn’t deserve anything good…


When she saw the expression in his eyes Lisa looked away. The emptiness was too much to bear. Looking into each other’s eyes was like looking into a mirror. They were both so frightened of being hurt again, and they’d had more than enough pain as children to last them a lifetime. ‘Will you make love to me now?’

He smiled slowly. She was the most desirable woman he had ever met, and she was prompting him? ‘I’ve never had to be reminded of my duty before.’

‘Your duty? And I don’t want to hear about before.’

She was right. She was a virgin. It had to be special for her. He would make sure it was. ‘I have to be sure this is what you want.’

‘I am sure—and I don’t think you need much prompting now.’ She wrapped her hands around him.

The breath gusted out of his lungs at her touch. ‘That feels so good.’

He had never taken a woman so carefully, so tenderly, or with such tightly reined in passion. Lisa’s only experience had been at her own hands. He could understand it, it made perfect sense; she was always in control that way. It made him super-aware of her now, super-sensitive to her breathing, and to the look in her eyes, to the set of her mouth, and to the touch of her hands on his body. He wanted it to be perfect for her. He wanted it to be the first time that either of them had ever felt like this.

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