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But when I thought of being controlled, I had thought of how John had taken his mistress, tied to the bed. While eager, Luke had not been overly dominant the night before. Walker had yet to fuck me.

Now though, they waited downstairs, allowing me time to bathe. I even took a few minutes to look over my shoulder and stare at my pink bottom, to think about the spanking, how I’d responded to it, to them. They were overwhelming and I was able to catch my breath.

Not for long, as they were below. I had no choice but to join them. Not that I wanted to do anything else. I’d been wet and eager for them. I still was and this delay only made my need even greater. This delayed pleasure was a punishment I did not enjoy. I looked down, saw my nipples clearly against my nightgown. Hard and tight, they ached. So did my pussy, eager for their touch, for their cocks.

Barefooted, I went down the steps and into the library by the front door. The lanterns offered a soft glow and the heat from the fireplace beckoned. The men stood at my appearance. They’d unbuttoned the tops of their shirts, rolled up their sleeves to show off solid forearms. While I thought the room a comfortable temperature, they probably considered it too hot.

I was suddenly shy, even after everything they’d done to me, with me, in the past day.

“I thought we didn’t purchase a nightgown,” Walker said, his eyes raking over me from head to toe, but settling on my breasts. The rough timbre of his voice had my nipples tightening. The idea of being touched, being taken, by these two as they’d said was heady. It was also arousing, and definitely daunting.

“We didn’t. That must be one she’d brought from Texas.”

I ran my hands down my hips, drying my damp palms. Yes, it was just as I’d imagined. They didn’t want me in a nightgown.

“You won’t be wearing that to bed, doll,” Walker said, only confirming my words.

“It’s… cold out.”

Luke stepped closer. “I assure you, you won’t be cold between us.”

No, I didn’t think I would.

He stepped forward. “My brother was an idiot and didn’t take you this morning. I did, and I want you again.”

Taking my head in his hands, his gaze dropped to my mouth. I gasped when his lips met mine, for it was not a kiss. Not a kiss I knew. Warm lips touched mine, so soft and gentle I was confused, then he slid them back and forth over mine. His tongue flicked out to lick the corner of my mouth, then the other.

His mouth wasn’t firm or his lips chilled. Nor was it chaste. This was hot and carnal and it was just a whisper of a kiss. A sound escaped, making Luke groan. It was then that the kiss changed. With my lips parted, his tongue licked into my mouth, tasting me, learning me. Tentatively, my tongue met his and it was like lightning, a heated spark that shot through me.

“Hey, I wanted her first,” Walker said, his voice a rough growl.

Luke lifted his head long enough to snarl back, “Too bad.”

I loved the idea that these brothers were fighting over me, that they both wanted me enough to argue. They were like two toddlers fighting over a toy. And that was me. They were going to play with me, taking turns, and perhaps as they’d told me this morning, together.

Luke’s hand cupped my head, tilted my head so he could take the kiss deeper. I didn’t object. I couldn’t, nor did I want to. I wanted this kiss more than my next breath. It wasn’t just a merging of mouths, but a merging of souls. It was as if he knew just what would make my skin tingle.

I felt other hands on me as Luke continued the kiss. I never wanted it to end and by the way he continued and continued, neither did he. Warm air caressed my calves as I felt fingertips slide up the side of my leg. It too, was soft and gentle and yet I gasped.

“Walker.” I gasped his name, surprised by his boldness.

I turned my head in Luke’s grasp and looked down. Walker’s eyes were so dark, so filled with passion I caught my breath.

“Luke’s got your mouth. I get the rest of you.”

I studied him briefly, but Luke’s moved to my ear and licked along the delicate shell, then nipped at the lobe. My eyes fell closed as I breathed, “Yes.”

Walker made a rough sound of assent as his hands returned.

They weren’t being rough at all. Domineering, yes, but I felt no fear, no worry that they would take and take. There was no take. They were giving to me. I was awash in sensation, especially when I felt Walker’s fingers higher and higher on my thighs. I gasped again, but Luke didn’t relent and turned my head back to claim my mouth again, to swallow all my sounds of surprise and desire.

Walker’s hands stroked me, front, back, and then between. One hand moved to my bottom—still a little sore from the spanking—and cupped me as the other brushed over my curls and then in between. I couldn’t split my attention between what Walker was doing with his hands and the way Luke was kissing me.

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