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“She’s dripping wet,” Walker growled.

“You’re always wet for us, aren’t you?” Luke whispered against my mouth.

“Aren’t you, doll?” Walker asked, raking his fingernails over the tender skin of my bottom, awakening the hint of pain from his earlier spanking. It focused my mind on him, on their questions.


“I want,” I breathed, my body heating. “I want to keep feeling like this.”

The corner of Luke’s mouth tipped up.

“Yes, ma’am.” Just two little words that had me thinking that Luke and Walker were doing my bidding. They were touching me to make me feel good, not themselves. They were unselfishly giving me what I wanted. It was so unfathomable to me that I was left reeling. John would have never done something I wanted. It has always been about him. If I’d even mentioned wanting him to kiss me, or touch me, or fuck me, he’d think me wanton. And yet, he sought out a mistress who wanted just that.

John was gone, dead and buried and in my past. If Luke and Walker wanted to touch me and doing so made me feel... bliss, then so be it. I relaxed my shoulders as Walker’s hands crept back between my thighs once again.

“That’s it, doll, give over.” When he pushed on the inside of one thigh with his palm, I moved my right foot. “Good girl, let me in.”

Their praise made me feel just as much as their kisses and touches. I was pleasing them and they were definitely pleasing me. When one of Walker’s fingers circled my entrance and then dipped inside, I broke Luke’s kiss and cried out. “Oh my God!”

Pleasure, so sharp and bright pulsed through my veins. It was just the tip of his finger stretching me open and I was lost. I couldn’t wait for one of their cocks.

“She’s tight,” Walker said, moving just the slightest bit further into me.

Luke began kissing along my jaw, nipping the tender skin as he worked his way to my ear.

“I know. She’s so snug, she fit my cock like a glove. You’re going to come for us,” Luke added, biting my earlobe again. “We’re going to get you nice and soft and wet so you’re ready for our cocks.”

I clenched down on Walker’s finger and he retreated.

“No!” I cried, wanting him to continue.

“Don’t worry, doll. I’m not going anywhere.” Instead of one finger slipping back inside me, he worked two in, scissoring and turning them to stretch me open. I felt the burn of it, the tight fit and I hissed out a breath. Even after having Luke inside me twice, I was still unused to such attentions.

Luke returned his mouth to mine, kissing me as Walker gently worked my body. When he put his thumb over my clit and circled it, my legs almost gave out. A hand banded about my waist to hold me up. My eyes were closed and I didn’t know whose it was. I didn’t care, for I wanted what both of them were giving me. I felt surrounded and cherished, possessed and pleasured. I felt like I was the center of their world.

“I’m going to... I need, I can’t—”

“Let go, doll,” Walker murmured, never stopping his ministrations. “We’ve got you. We’ll keep you safe.”

The pleasure morphed into a swirling ball of heat that spread from between my legs outward. My fingers and toes tingled, color swirled behind my eyelids. It was as if the pleasure was lifting me up so high that there was nowhere to go but down.

I gripped Luke’s forearms, my fingers digging into the hard muscles, holding on. I was coming apart, as if seams on my body began to unravel. With one surprising curl of Walker’s fingers, the string was pulled and I came apart. I was flying, soaring, falling, but I didn’t care.

I cried out against Luke’s mouth, his kiss swallowing the sounds. My body shook, my hips shifting to ride Walker’s fingers, to continue the pleasure he wrung from my body, to never let it end.

Before I returned to myself, I felt lifted, the room spinning and then the cushion of a couch at my back. The long hem of my nightgown was pushed up so it bunched about my waist. The warm air of the room cooled my skin from the bliss they’d wrung from my body. I should have been ashamed that my lower body was exposed to both of the men, but I had yet to recover. My skin was heated and coated in perspiration, my breath was ragged. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see Walker looming over me, the two fingers he’d had inside of me in his mouth. I realized that he was licking up my wetness, the desire from between my thighs that clung to his skin.

“You have to taste her, brother,” Walker told Luke, who was kneeling on the floor beside the couch.

With deft hands, Luke lifted one of my legs up onto the back of the couch, the other he widened so my foot was on the floor, my knee bent. I was spread so wide he was able to move between them. Hands slid up my inner thighs to have his thumbs run over the crease between my leg and my pussy.

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