“No touching.”

Pinning his hands down with one to each side of his face, I lower myself so the curve of my breast is just above his lips. My nipples are taut and aching for his touch. I want him to take me in his mouth and tease me until I beg to be fucked.

Logic is trying to break through, but it’s as soft as an echo. Is it so bad to want to be this man’s plaything? The idea of being his fuckbuddy is immensely appealing, but I wonder if it’s more than that. Is there more here? And do I want it if there is?

My thoughts suddenly rush away, caught in a current of lust as his lips come down around my nipple. He sucks me into his mouth tasting me, teasing me, and lavishing me with attention that makes it hard not to grind against him.

Moaning deeply, I pull him upright while staying on his lap, his mouth still on my breast. I gasp and throw my head back as he nips, sucks, and flicks my sensitive skin. Every inch of my body is hot and demands his touch. I want his hands on me, in me, and tangled in my hair. I want him to pull and tug, to own me and take me.

Nate rolls me back to the floor and continues his unrestrained affection, covering me with kisses. I’m vaguely aware that he kicks off his shoes, then I hear the sound of a zipper lowering, before he tugs my nip hard. Gasping, I dart upright slightly when he pulls away, watching him toss his shirt aside. He grabs a foil packet from his jeans and slips the condom in place. The beautiful naked man returns to me in an instant and presses me to the floor, crushing me against it. He spreads my thighs and skips the finger check. His hard length shoves inside me without caution. He’s not shy about what he wants and I’m glad. I don’t want to make love. I don’t want gentle kindness and soft touches. I want to be fucked. I want to forget everything plaguing me and weighing me down. I want him to use me, to make himself feel totally high and take me with him.

As his hips pound against mine, his shaft slams harder with each thrust. I claw at his back and spread my legs wider, trying to take him deeper. I’m begging, asking him for things, telling him how much I want him as we slide across the kitchen floor—which doesn’t have a crumb on it. I’m thinking of ordering take-out when we’re done, eating down here, and making him fuck me again.

Mmm. Noodles.

The thought shatters when his lips touch my breast and he slams into me. The sensations are overwhelming and I start to buck uncontrollably, gasping for air, begging for release. It’s too soon, but I don’t care. I want him. I want him to come with me.

I cup his ass and grip his cheeks as he hammers into me until I can’t control myself. I grab at him however I can, trying to force him harder, deeper, and bucking against him as the rhythm of our bodies gets frantic. I’m so close to the edge and have floated so high that I’m no longer aware of anything except him and me.

Crying out his name, I claw his waist as he presses into me. Heart pounding, I take him in deep and feel myself start to shatter. I can barely speak, but I manage to tell him, “Come with me.”

Nate doesn’t deny me. He pummels me harder as I shatter around him, crying out with ecstasy. Nate’s body becomes rigid. He cries out at the same time, his voice deep and raw, with euphoria spreading across his face before he falls against my chest.


Thinking I’m never going to be with Nate again changes things. I'm free to cut through the pretense that could have been there. The normal insecurities fade away and it’s just us, two bodies, intertwined, moving in rhythm with one another. Pleasure lights me up, and after he gets up to take care of the condom, I stretch on the floor and stare at the ceiling. I’ve never been done on the kitchen floor before.

When Nate comes back, he’s smiling, looking down at me. I’m a naked, sweaty, sated mess with my hands tucked behind my head and my ankles crossed. I tip my chin up at him, and coolly say, “’Sup?”

Nate laughs, and runs a hand over his head and then down his neck. When he smiles, those dimples show. God, he’s beautiful. “Nothing much. Just had the most amazing, mind-blowing fuck of my life. How about you?” He stands next to me, one foot by my waist, the other by my shoulder.

I purr, “Mmmm, I’d have to agree.”

“So, what now?” He places his hands on his hips and I’m treated to a delicious Superman pose.

Nate needs a cape. I make a mental note to buy him one. I’d love to fuck him with a cape on. Is that mental? Can I run to his linen closet, grab a sheet, and put it around his neck? Maybe grab a fan so the cape hem flutters in the breeze. Then I can lie back against the floor, gaze up at his package, and swoon inwardly. I can beg him to do me again. Or we can skip all that stuff and I can just say it.

“Do me.”

“I just did.” He smirks. “You can’t possibly be ready for more.”

I roll over onto my stomach, prop my head up in my hands and shrug. “Maybe.”

Nate represses a cocky smile. “How do you want it, Kerry?”

I feel his eyes on my back and wonder what I want, how far I’m willing to go with him. There are some things I liked that Matt didn’t, so we didn’t do them. I want every memory of Matt gone, and the thought of Nate defiling me in every way possible is completely appealing.

I kick up my feet and cross my ankles as I lower my head to the floor and place it on my arms. I glance at him with a playful look. “How do you want to give it, Nate?”

He grins, straddles my hips, and then sits on my bare ass pinning me to the floor. He’s facing toward my feet, but turns to the side, so I can see his profile. “Well, there’s the obvious place, right here.” I feel his finger touch my lower lips, slip inside, and push up into me. He turns toward me, watching my face from the corner of his eye as he does it. “I love fucking you here.”

“Really?” I gasp, lips parted, teeth showing and try to hide how much I like his touch.

Nate’s voice is light, happy. He watches me, eyes dark, as he slips his finger deeper before pulling his hand away. “Yes, it was a very pleasant experience, so much so that I’m thinking of leaving an online review. Five stars, your pussy is superior, perfect in every way.”

I giggle. I can’t help it. “Wow, you’re going to Yelp! me? That’s new.”

“Well, I only write reviews when I’m floored. You’re an amazingly good time. A good fuck, tight, wet, and all the things a guy could want, really.”

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