By Frenzy I Ruin (Sins of the Fathers)

Author: Cora Reilly
Category: MC | Dark | Romance | New Adult | Crime
Series: Sins of the Fathers
Total pages: 150

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By Frenzy I Ruin (Sins of the Fathers)

Aurora Scuderi spent her childhood and teenage days doing one thing-- loving Nevio. Until one fateful moment, he breaks her heart without a second thought. Leaving Aurora with her broken heart bleeding in her hands. Fleeing Las Vegas is the only way for Aurora to heal - forget Nevio and that night. But a man like Nevio can’t be shaken off that easily. The hunter in him was awakened.

Nevio Falcone is darkness. It seeps from his pores. It’s where his monster comes out to play to satisfy its cravings. Until he starts to crave something other than carnage: the one woman he shouldn’t pursue - Aurora.

What Nevio craves, he ruins. He told her to keep her distance. Now it’s too late to run away. Consequences be damned.

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