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“Not in her eyes,” I sniffled. “And because of her, not in my own eyes.” I couldn’t hold back any longer and allowed the tears to come flowing out again. “I hate her! I know a daughter should never say that about her own mother. But my entire life, I’ve been giving and giving, and I’ve got nothing left to give. I’m unhappy. No, I’m miserable when it comes to her.” I looked up into his eyes. “It’s why I came here with you. I wanted to run as far away from her toxicity as I could.”

He shook his head slowly. “I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me? Why such a secret?”

“I didn’t want to bother you with my problems. And I didn’t want you to see me as broken and damaged. I didn’t want to be a defective toy you would want to return.”

“I should pull you over my knee and spank you again for saying something like that.” He softly kissed my lips. “Your problems are mine, too. If you are mine—which you are—then your demons are mine to fight.”

I turned my head to look up into Price’s eyes. “I’ve never had anyone say that before.”

“I protect what’s mine.”

“Yes, but…” I shook my head. “I don’t want you to see my past. Only my future. I don’t even want to face it. I like the picture you have painted for me. Shiny and new.”

Price took my hands, linking our fingers together. “Your happiness is my number one concern. I’m not okay with you facing anything that upsets you alone. I expect you to lean on me and have me fight the monsters away. I definitely don’t want you dealing with your mother alone anymore.” He lifted my hands, brushed his lips over the back of each one in turn, causing a small tremble to rack my naked body. “We don’t have to make any decisions in regards to how we handle your mother and your past right now. Just know that this is a decision that we’ll be making together. You aren’t alone anymore. You are mine now. And nothing, and no one can harm you.”

“You won’t think less of me? Think I will become my mother or be like her?”

“Never,” he said. He kissed my head. “Lie down so I can cover you up. You’re shaking. We can talk about this in bed.”

I lifted my chin. “Can’t we just not discuss it at all? I’d rather not think about it anymore.”

“That’s not an option. We’re going to deal with it without any protest from you,” he warned me.

“Why?” I asked with a heavy sigh.

“Because I care about you. We’re going to make everything right, and talking about your past is part of that.” Price positioned our bodies on the bed, spooning my curves against his.

I pressed my hot ass against his growing cock. “I know… you’re right. I just need to feel you right now. I need you inside me. I promise that we can discuss this later. Please, Price.” I moaned as I pressed against him even harder.

* * *


I knew that Tessa had a lot on her mind right now, but she didn’t turn away when my mouth lowered toward her.

Our lips touched, a fleeting hint of what was yet to come. I pressed her close, then closer still, so that the soft curves of her body melded to the hardness of my cock. I kissed her again, as her arms lifted to encircle my neck. Our kiss intensified, leaving our bodies tense for more.

I wanted to approach things slowly, to not let my desire be mastered by my passion. But when Tessa moaned against the thrust of my tongue and her hands frantically removed all of my clothing, I knew the battle was lost.

The level of chemistry between us after a spanking had always been consuming, making me want her with an intensity that I’d never experienced with anyone else. When she laid her nude body over my lap to accept her discipline, my body almost exploded with lust.

She always wanted to be taken after a spanking. Her physical response left me no doubt about that fact. Sensual, erotic, and tantalizing sex always followed suit. Passion was always mixed with punishment. It was what and who we were becoming.

She rubbed herself intimately against me, the action making my cock grow even harder. I wanted to sink into her, to lose myself in her slick, wet heat, to drive us both hard and fast to orgasm. I couldn’t wait to hear her scream out my name.

It was what we both wanted—more important, what we needed. But this time, I was determined to give her something different, to offer her something more. Not just a sexual experience, but a promise. I wanted to communicate security in the way we made love. I wanted to make sure she felt safe in the fact that I was there. I was going to shelter her from any storm that came her way.

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