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“It’s never too late to hear from you CJ,” I said and said good-bye.

I got in my car and called Ebony. “I was hopin’ you’d call.”

“Yeah. What you doin’?”

“Wanting to suck your dick. What you doin’?”

“On my way to get my dick sucked.”

“I’m here waitin’.”

“Be ready when I get there.”

I drove to Ebony spot and no sooner had I put the car in park, Ebony came bolting out the door. As soon as I pulled away from her building, Ebony reached over and unzipped my pants. She took out my dick and stroked it until it was hard and took it into her mouth.

“You weren’t kidding, were you?”

“I been thinking ‘bout this dick in my mouth all day,” she stopped long enough to say.

I drove away thinking that this was turning out to be a good night. First I meet Tyhedra, and she appears to be the answer to all my problems. All that I need is to make this the perfect night was for CJ to call and I spend the rest of the night staring into her beautiful eyes.

Chapter Thirteen


On Thursday evening I arrived early for dinner with Tyhedra at Sylvia’s. I distinctly remembered her last words: Please, be on time; and I had no desire to disappoint her. Over the last few days, I haven’t thought about much else other than having dinner with her. I’d be the first one to tell you, I’ve been tripping. Agonizing over what to wear and what to say. Over how aggressive to be and what subject’s would be taboo.

I sat at the bar, ordered a drink, and waited impatiently for her arrival. Seven o’clock came and went without incident. By a quarter to eight, I had finished my third drink and called for the check. I dropped a twenty on the check and turned to leave. “Have you been waiting long, Tavarus?” Tyhedra said, as if she were only a minute or two late.

“About an hour.” I wasn’t sure which emotion was stronger. The anger I felt about waiting an hour for her to show up, or joy that she was standing in front of me. So I settled on the combination. “I hate waiting, but you are worth the wait. You look incredible tonight.”

“Thank you very much, Tavarus. You’re looking very handsome yourself. What time did you get here?” Tyhedra asked.

“Quarter to seven.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” she said, looking at her watch. “It’s only ten after.”

“Who taught you to tell time? Tyhedra, it’s ten minutes to eight.” I held out my arm so she could see my watch. She glanced at it and took a very deep breath. Hearing her breathe like that aroused me, but I maintained my composure.

“I’m sorry, Tavarus, my watch must be slow.”

“It’s cool. You’re here now. Don’t sweat it.”

“You forgive me?” Tyhedra asked.

“Only if you promise to be a fascinating dinner conversationalist.” Tyhedra smiled and tilted her head to one side and then the other. I looked at her curiously. She took another deep breath. Each time she did it a chill ran through my body. Her sexuality was overwhelming.

“I tell you what, Tavarus. I promise to be as fascinating a dinner conversationalist as you are. You see it takes two to tango. Just like it takes two to have an intelligent conversation. But I think it’s only fair to warn you that I’m a sucker for an intelligent conversation.”

“So am I,” I replied, trying to sound intelligent and sure of myself. We were escorted to a table and shortly thereafter the waiter arrived to take our drink order. “Remy Martin straight up.” I looked at Tyhedra. Her eyes were driving me insane.

“And the lady will have . . .”


The waiter brought our drinks and took our order for dinner. Tyhedra took a sip of her drink and said, “So who are you, Tavarus?”

With that, I proceeded to give her the short version of my life story. I talked about growing up in Detroit and how much I hated being in Uncle Sam’s Army. “That is no place for a Black man to be. But I saw it as an opportunity to better myself.”