Going Down

Author: Roy Glenn
Category: Adult | Thriller | Erotic | Crime | Suspense | Mystery
Total pages: 94

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Going Down

Metro area police are looking for a woman in connection with several brutal murders.Even though she doesn’t like the sound of it, Tyhedra Crawford is a serial killer. One who has lost count of how many men she’d killed ... and she enjoyed every last moment of it. She was starting over in her fifth new city and wondering if Atlanta would be any different than the last four. There was always the promise to not kill again; to live a normal life, have normal relationships, but it always happens. Late at night, you’ll find Tyhedra in search of prey to seduce. And once she’s had her way with them, Tyhedra kill’s them. “Maybe I need to get help for myself, because after all, I am a little crazy.”

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