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“Nobody’s gonna be doing any damn crying. Just pass the blunt and pour me another drink. Damn, all I was saying is it’s not easy to find real friends, that’s all. There’s too many fake-ass muthafuckas out there, that all I’m sayin’. But you muthafuckas think I’m about to get weak and shit.”

“I know what you’re saying, Zack; I feel the same way. And quiet as it’s kept, Chris does too. I love you, niggas. Y’all are like brothers to me and I will fuck up the first one who calls me weak,” Tavarus said.

“Lighten up, Tee,” Chris said. “You’re too intense. It’s all that junk food you eat. You need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.”

“Look, the only veggie I need more of is that blunt, so pass it over,” Tavarus said, taking the blunt from Chris and taking a long drag. “See, I’m more relaxed already.”

“Hey, Tee, who were the girls that showed up last time?” I asked.

“Just some freaks that live in the complex.”

“Which one you fuckin’, Tee?” Chris asked.

“If I told you I’ve fucked all of them, would that make you happy?” Tavarus smiled.

“No. I’d be mad ’cause you didn’t set them out,” Chris came back quickly.

“Who said I didn’t?” Tavarus came back just as quick, and looked over at me. I smiled and gave Tee some dap.

“You and Zack freaked all them hos?”

“No, just Kathy,” Tavarus said.

“Which one is Kathy?”

“The flat-chested one with the fat ass,” Tavarus said.

“But Tee is probably fuckin’ all of them,” I added. “Don’t worry, Chris, we didn’t fuck the one you left with.”

“You fuck her yet?”

Chris got that look on his face and then he dropped his head. “Same night.”

“When was the last time you fucked her?”

“Before I came over here,” Chris said without looking up.

“You payin’?”

“Hell no. She ain’t like that.”

“No, she just dances naked.”

“She said that was her first and last time,” Chris said and got defensive, like he does when we talk about him and CJ.

“Until the next time,” Tavarus added.

“We used to set out some pussy back in the day, Tee,” I said, choosing not to comment on that one.

“Damn sure did,” Tee laughed.

“I remember I came here late one night. Tee was on his way out the door. He said, ‘I left a little something in my room for you.’ I’m thinkin’ Tee left me a joint or a drink or something. I walk in and Michelle is layin’ up in bed with that fine ass totted up in the air. You remember that night, Tee?”

Tee hit the blunt and nodded his head.

“She was laying there talkin’ ’bout, ‘Hey, Zack.’ ”

“What you say to her, Zack?” Chris asked.