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“Fuck me, Tavarus!”

I felt her juices flowing down my thighs. I pulled back and gazed into her eyes. When I saw the satisfied look on her face, I put her down, but Carmen was far from done. She dropped to her knees and took my length into her mouth. It was like she had to fight the urge to swallow me whole. That shit was so fucking good I almost lost my balance. I steadied myself on the wall and marveled at her skills.

Suddenly she stopped and got up. She walked away. “Bedroom?” she said and point in that direction.

“Yes,” I said and followed her in. At that point, I would have followed that pussy anywhere.

Carmen got up on the bed and bent over. “Come get this pussy,” Carmen said, and ran her hand over her ass. I grabbed Carmen by her shoulders and thrust myself deep inside her.

“Ooooooooh!” she screamed and sucked up every inch of me inside her warmth. Her pussy was so soft, so wet; I began to pound on that ass furiously, enjoying the view of Carmen’s near perfect ass.

“Your dick is so hard!” she yelled through clenched teeth.

I felt her ass bucking, pounding against me, and then I felt her muscles lock as her head drifted back in quiet ecstasy.

Carmen collapsed on the bed and I sat down next to her. She touched my face, and I ran my hand over her soft skin. She rolled into my arms and kissed my lips. I reached between her legs and fingered her clit with one hand, and squeezed her breast with the other.

Carmen repositioned herself and got on top of me. I looked on with great anticipation as she lowered herself onto me. While taking my dick into her dipping wet pussy, we stared into each other’s eyes. We began moving in unison; each movement was agonizingly slow and deliberate.

She rode me slowly and I began to feast on her nipples. I felt her legs trembling on my thighs, and I pushed harder. Carmen bear down on me and increased her pace. I could feel that she was about to cum again, but I guess she wasn’t ready to. She reached out and touched my face with both hands, and kissed me.

Carmen rolled off me and I watched her crawl around on the bed. Enjoying the perfection that was her ass. I crawled over beside her and ran my hands along her back, around her perfect ass, and squeezed her firm thighs. Carmen spread her legs and I fingered her clit and played with her lips. I used my fingers to hold her lips apart, and slid my tongue inside her. I sucked gently and her clit began to swell. I licked her with the tip of my tongue and felt her body quiver. “Ooooh!” she cried.

With my head deep between her thighs, I sucked her clit and fingered her with one hand, while squeezing her breast with the other. Then I very deliberately spread Carmen’s lips with my thumb and forefinger, while making small circles around her clit with the tip my tongue. I slid my tongue inside her and sucked her moist lips gently. Once again, I felt her body quiver as I licked and sucked her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her thighs pressed together as her body convulsed uncontrollably.

Chapter Three


I got up on my knees and entered Lana from behind. Her pussy was so wet; I could hardly control myself. I felt her ass bucking against me. I got into a long and rhythmic stroke, pulling almost completely out of her, and slowly easing myself back inside of her. Each time I entered her fully, I’d smack her ass hard and firm.

“Ooooh, Zack, I like it like that,” Lana said, as the steady motion gave her a chance to catch herself.

I placed my hand on her wide hips and slid my dick in and out of Lana slowly. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the image of Angelique out of his mind.

Lana was very wet, and she had excellent control of her muscles. Lana rolled over and I eased her on her back and entered her again. Lana arched her back and rotated her hips, moving slowly, then fast, and then slowly again. Her body began to quiver as she stretched out her legs, seeming to anticipate my movements. My heartbeat quickened along with my pace, until our bodies shook and she screamed, “Oh, Zack!”

Lana smiled and touched my face, and then she curled up in the fetal position. I ran my hand over her shoulder and down her arm. Her skin was soft and smooth. I paused to admire each curve, studying each nuance of her body. Lana began to move in response. She rolled into my arms and she kissed my lips. I tasted her tongue. It glided slowly and smoothly over mine.

I broke our embrace and spread her legs. I kissed her inner thighs and, once again, tasted the wetness between them. Lana held my head in place as my tongue slithered along her lips and made circles around her clit. Her grip grew tighter, her stomach muscles locked and her head drifted back in quiet ecstasy.

She separated herself from me and rolled over on her back. Lana lifted her legs and grabbed her ankles. “Come fuck this pussy, Zack.”

With the weight of my body on my arms, I eased myself inside Lana. I began the same slow and steady motion, and Lana wrapped her legs around my waist. Our bodies melted into a rhythm, with Lana working her hips and inner muscles, while licking my nipples. She knows that shit turns me the fuck on. Now, it was my body that began to tremble and Lana, who was pounding her hips furiously into me, until we both reached a very loud and violent climax.

I came out of the room with Lana and knocked on Tee’s door as I passed. “Yo, Tee! You ready to go?”

“I’ll be out in a minute!” he yelled.

I walked Lana out to her car and kissed her good-bye. She got in, rolled down the window, and stuck her head out as I began walking away. “Come here, Zack,” she said. I knew she wasn’t going leave just like that. “When you gonna have some time to spend with me, Zack? This fuck buddy thing is nice, I like it, but I would like to do something every once and a while.”

“Come on, Lana. Every time we make plans to do something, you come up with some extremely lame excuse why you can’t make it. I get tired of that.” I leaned on the window and angled toward her lips. “Why you lie so much, anyway?”

Lana sat back in her chair and smiled. “I don’t lie; I mean it when I say it. Something always comes up. But I’m serious this time.”

“All right.” I laughed, rubbing my two-day growth of beard.

“I was gonna tell you that you needed to shave, but I was too busy.” She laughed. “Come on now, I’m serious. Let’s do something.”