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and falling chest.

“Oh . . . my . . . God.”

“Now, now, no need to flatter me.”

Breathless laughter escaped her. “You are so cocky.”

“Speaking of that, I’ll be right back.”

EVE HAD NEVER had fun during sex. She’d never teased, joked, or flirted. Sex was . . . awkward unless you really knew the person. She tended to clear her mind, close her eyes, and never speak.

But with Oliver, it was fun on top of amazing. Even now, she had the urge to giggle as she squinted as she watched him search through his duffle for a condom, her eyes glued to his ass.

His perfect, round behind.

“Damn it!”

“No luck?” Disappointment crashed through her. She wasn’t on the pill or she’d say go for it. She trusted Oliver.

More than that, she loved him.

Rolling over, she checked the drawer of the nightstand and riffled through the contents.


“Bathroom?” she suggested.

Oliver took off for it, and this time, Eve did start laughing.

“You know, no man likes having his dick laughed at.”

Eve scooted to check the other nightstand and called, “I wasn’t laughing at your dick, I was laughing at the way it—”

“Ah-ha!” Oliver slid back into the room with a foil package in his hand and wiggled his eyebrows. “Come to papi!”

“I’m not calling you”—Eve squealed as Oliver flipped off the light and, seconds later, pounced on her—“papi.”

“So, we should stick with ‘God,’ then?” he teased. She heard the sound of the foil package opening and reached out blindly, her hand finding the muscles of his shoulder.

“Anyone ever told you that you talk too much?” she asked.

Oliver’s big body shifted until he was lying on top of her, his muscular frame pressing her back. Before she had a chance to adjust, he kissed her so hard and deep that lights exploded behind her eyelids.

He broke the kiss and shifted, pressing the head of his cock against her entrance. With one more light brush of his lips across hers, he whispered, “Never.”

Eve couldn’t laugh, not when she could feel him push forward. She lifted her hips, moaning as he sank into her. Her eyes closed involuntarily, but instead of the nothing she usually saw during sex, her mind was filled with Oliver. Oliver’s smile. His eyes. The first time he’d kissed her. Every little moment, every phone conversation, and every glance raced through her mind as he slid in and out of her in a perfect dance that cause a heavy ache inside.

And then she broke, her hips meeting his until she was light-headed and soaring. The high-pitched cries escaping her were smothered by his kiss, his tongue. She didn’t want him to stop, so she slid her hands down to his ass, his perfect quarter-bouncing ass, and squeezed, pressing him into her.

Oliver took the hint and pulled back up, thrusting into her at a heightened speed, pumping her sensitive flesh until he stiffened above her, yelling his release. Still she held on until he collapsed on top of her, his chest pressing into her breasts hard as he tried to catch his breath.

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she caressed his skin, the wet sheen against her fingertips a turn-on. And all she could think was that this moment, right here, was worth anything that came in the future.

Because she loved Oliver Martinez.

Oliver rolled off her and kissed the side of her neck. “I’ll be right back.”

Eve lay there in the dark while he went to the bathroom and searched blindly for the quilt on the bed to cover herself. Without Oliver’s warmth, the cabin was chilly.