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This time, when Oliver kissed her, pressing her down into the mattress, Eve wasn’t letting anything come between them, not even their clothes. As she helped Oliver discard his shirt, her gaze devoured the muscles she uncovered but had never seen. He stood up off the bed and was reaching for the waistband of his sweats when she saw the bruising on his ribs and frowned.

“Where did you get those bruises?”

“Tate. He likes to kick a guy while he’s down.”

Eve wanted to clobber Tate and vowed to make him pay for hurting her man. “Are you too sore?”

“Hell, no,” he said. As he removed the rest of his clothes, she drank in his hard body and stiff cock jutting upward.

Sliding to the edge of the bed, she reached out and ran her fingertips gently over his ribs and abdomen, before her lips followed along. Finally taking his hips in her hands, she leaned over, pressing a sweet kiss to the end his cock. The sound of his groan was like music, and opening her mouth, she took him deeper, reveling in the salty taste of his skin.

Before she could protest, Oliver put his hands around her arms and lifted her off of him. “I want to kiss you,” he said.

And then his mouth covered hers and she felt his fingers deftly untying the drawstring of her pajama pants. Lightning sparked across her hips and thighs as he pushed them down, his fingers and palms running over her body until she was left in her panties and her pajamas were locked around her knees.

Oliver gently pushed her back on the bed and pulled her pants the rest of the way off before settling between her thighs, dropping a soft, gentle kiss above her panty line.

“Hazme el amor,” Eve said.

Oliver looked down at her, his eyes shining in the cabin light, and she trailed her hand over the side of his face, repeating herself again, only this time, in English.

“Make love to me.”

Chapter Fourteen

ONCE HE PULLED off Eve’s panties, Oliver stared down at her, wanting to touch her everywhere at once.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she teased.

Oliver reached out and squeezed her side, delighted when she laughed and squirmed away from his hand. “Must you cheapen the moment?”

“I’m sorry, please!”

“At least I know from now on how to best you.” He wiggled his fingers for emphasis, but instead of tickling her again, he flattened his palms against her stomach. He slid them up until they rested beneath her breasts, cupping them tenderly.

“I feel a little like you’re studying me,” she said.

Oliver shook his head and lowered his mouth to the tip of her breast. “I’m worshiping you. There’s a difference.”

His closed his lips over her hardened nipple, sucking and running his tongue over it until she was arching against him, holding the back of his head in her hands.

Oliver continued to caress, stroke, and kiss her everywhere he could reach, the soft moans and cries making it hard not to rush, to bury himself inside her and seek satisfaction.

But he wanted more for this, for them.

Because he’d never been in love before, and the woman he loved deserved more.

“Oliver . . . ”

She whispered his name as his mouth found the skin of her inner thigh and he kissed his way up to the center of her. “Yes?”

“You’re making me crazy.”

“That’s the point, dulzura.”

He didn’t give her a chance to answer; instead, he put his mouth on her and thrust his tongue forward, seeking the tiny nub of her clit. Using his hands, he worked her over thoroughly, pushing and pulling, licking and nibbling until he felt her begin to tremble under his mouth. When her sweet cry of release broke over him, he kissed his way up her torso, grinning when he reached her rapidly rising

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