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Oliver kissed her again slowly before leaning back with a smirk. “Now that we’ve conquered all of our obstacles and slayed the dragon, what do you say we go back to my bedroom so I can have my way with you?”

“Megan and Allison are waiting at my place,” she said apologetically.

“Will they be able to find their way out of it?” he teased.

She slapped his shoulder. “It was cleaned today, thank you very much. And besides, I thought you had to work tonight.”

“Your dad took me off rotation, so I’m free.”

“I’m not, so you’re just going to have to wait,” she said.

Oliver grabbed her when she tried to get away and without further ado, swung her up into his arms. “Text them and let them know you’re going to be a few hours late.”

“A few hours! No, Oliver, put me down. I have to go,” she said.

He ignored her and Beast’s raucous barking as he strode back toward the bedroom.

“Fine, one hour.”

“No, no hour,” she giggled.

“Forty-five minutes?” He stopped at the edge of his bed with his eyebrow raised as he waited for her counter.

Eve pursed her lips at him and finally said, “A half an hour and not a moment longer.”

Tossing her on the bed before she changed her mind, he sighed dramatically. “I suppose it will have to do.”

Eve’s laughter was infectious as she pulled out her phone. While her fingers flew over the screen, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it across the room, never taking his eyes off her. His boots, socks, belt, and pants came off one at a time until he stood before her in his boxer briefs.

She set her phone on the nightstand and leaned back on her elbows. “I was so wrong about you before, Oliver Martinez.”

Shucking his underwear, he put a knee on the bed, crawling up her body until he hovered over her, his lips inches from hers. “How is that, dulzura?”

Eve lay all the way back on the bed, and he followed her, using his arms to keep his weight off her. She reached up to caress the back of his neck, and the sensation was simply arousing.

And with the sweetest smile he’d ever seen, she stole his heart all over again.

“There is nothing I don’t like-like about you.”


One Year Later

OLIVER LED EVE down the beach to a rocky area he’d found a few weeks ago, holding tight to her hand as they climbed over a large boulder to a sandy alcove beyond. It was private, beautiful, and perfect for what he had planned.

“All right, you sit over here.” Pushing her gently onto a smaller rock that was just the right height, he went about setting up the video camera. He’d told her they were going to make a care package for her brother, Hank, who Oliver had actually come to like over the last year. Hank had just been a little lost and lashing out, but six months ago, he’d blown his whole family away by enlisting without his dad’s permission. It had been a point of contention between Hank and General Reynolds for months, but now that he was stationed overseas, the general had finally started to soften.

Oliver liked to think he’d had a hand in helping the general come around, but that might have been giving himself too much credit. Oliver had defended Hank, telling the general that he should be proud his son wanted to follow in his footsteps, and had gotten told to mind his own business. But if Oliver had learned one thing about the Reynolds clan, it was that they were stubborn but they weren’t stupid.

“I think you’re lying,” Eve said teasingly, bringing him back to the present. “I don’t think this is a video message for my brother at all. You’ve brought me to this secluded part of the beach to make a sex tape, haven’t you?”

Oliver shook his head at her as he adjusted the video camera. “You are such a dirty girl. My mother is convinced I’m the devil in this relationship, but you are the bad influence on my innocent, fragile morals.”

Eve picked up a handful of sand and pretended to throw it at him, but he knew she wouldn’t. He’d been planning this moment for weeks, hoping to capture it so they could watch it again and share it with family and friends.

Just not the sex tape talk—he’d edit that out.

But the next part was definitely going to be something to see.