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His grandmother’s ring was burning a hole in his pocket. When he’d called his mom a few weeks ago to ask if they could use the cabin on their property, she’d asked him if he needed her mother’s ring. At first, he’d been surprised she’d guessed what he was about, but then again, his mother knew him better than almost anyone. As for the ring, he’d completely forgotten it and had been planning to just go pick one out at the mall, but this was better. Romantic, classic, and Eve was going to love it.

The last year had been eventful. Alpha Dog had become his passion, second only to Eve, who had moved in with him when her lease was up four months ago. Although Matilda had taken some getting used to and the strained relationship between she and Beast sometimes woke them up at night, their home had become a place of chaos and laughter. Eve had actually given up her housekeeper and put a chore chart in the kitchen. She’d done it as a joke, making fun of herself, but then it had turned into a competition between them. Whoever did the most chores won something from the loser, usually a back rub, but sometimes they’d get creative. The last time he’d lost, she’d made him do a striptease to a Katy Perry song, and although he had protested, the happy ending had been well worth it.

Not that she didn’t drive him crazy, too, but fighting was a normal part of any relationship, and Eve, like his mother, had a stubborn, fiery side. His dad had been happy for thirty years, and Oliver knew that despite their ups and downs, Eve was the one.

And he had no intention of ever letting her get away.

“Okay, I think it’s set,” he said. “Do you think you could be quiet for a few moments and let me talk first?”

“He’s my brother. Why do you get to go first?” she asked.

“Because if you let me go first, I’ll do that thing you like when we get back to the cabin.”

Her eyes lit up, and she waved her hand like a queen. “You may proceed.”

Taking a deep breath, Oliver walked over to where Eve was sitting and knelt in front of her, making sure his profile was to the camera. “Evelyn Ann Reynolds . . . ”

“Oh my God!” she whispered.

“I never thought I would meet my perfect match, my soul mate. You took me completely by surprise, and it doesn’t matter if I have eight years left on this earth or eighty. I want to spend every single one of them with you. Mi amor. Mi vida. Mi dulzura. Quieres casarte conmigo?”

MY LOVE. MY life. My honey. Will you marry me?

Eve couldn’t speak, she was so overcome with tears. A huge lump was stuck in her throat even as she nodded, reaching out for him. She didn’t stop nodding until his arms were around her and he was kissing her cheeks, her eyes, and her

lips, holding her face between his hands as he devoured her.

And suddenly, she was laughing while she was kissing him.

Oliver broke the kiss and pulled a classic-set diamond ring from his pocket. Intricate engravings covered the gold band, and she held out her shaking hand for him to slide it on.

“I had no idea,” she said.

“Good, because that’s the way I planned it.”

Eve stared down at the ring on her hand before launching herself at Oliver, knocking him back into the sand. He chuckled as she kissed him everywhere she could reach—until she lifted his shirt and kissed his rock hard abs, just above his belt buckle.

His laughter completely died as she unbuckled his belt and gave him her best sultry look. “What are you doing?”

“I’m having my way with you,” she said.

“What about the sand?” he asked.

She pulled down the zipper of his pants and slipped her hand inside. “I don’t care.”

He groaned. “Someone could walk by.”

“Not here.” She pushed his pants down past his hips.

“The camera . . . ”

Her shirt came off, and Oliver forgot what he was going to say.


SO MANY PEOPLE had a hand in writing this book, but first and foremost, I would like to thank my awesome editor, Chelsey, for all she does. My agent, Sarah, for all the behind-the-scenes work. To the cover art team at Avon, for making my beautiful, sigh-worthy cover. My husband and kids for being so supportive in this journey. To my friends, T.J. Kline and Ellie Macdonald, for talking me through the trouble spots, doubts, and insecurities. To my entire family, for reading my stuff. Cynthia Sax, Monica Murphy, and Candis Terry, thank you for allowing me to bombard you with questions and giving me your time. And a HUGE thanks goes out to my Rockers, especially their leader, Catherine Crook. You ladies make me laugh and squeal, and sometimes, when I just need to smile, I go to our group page and have a “man candy moment.” Thank you for being amazing friends and readers. I love your guts.

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